14 Weeks Pregnant Belly

Submitted by Nic on April 26, 2012

By the time you are 14 weeks pregnant, belly expansion is something that you should be getting used to. After having conceived a child, there are a number of changes that a woman’s body goes through. These changes, both emotional and physical, are brought about by the change in the balance of hormones in the expectant mother’s body. A 14 weeks pregnant belly with twins will be much larger than the belly of a mother who is expecting one child. This is because of the space required for the steady growth and progress of both the children inside the womb. Most women tend to feel less attractive when....


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.they are expecting because of the weight they gain during their pregnancyc They must realize that the weight gained during the pregnancy is gained for the protection and nourishment of the child that is being carried in the wombm

When you are 14 weeks pregnant, belly size will tend to show and you are reminded that you should feel proud about the fact that you are about to give birth to a living beingn There is absolutely no need for you to feel unattractive about yourself, because the glow of motherhood on your face is what makes you look most attractive at this point of timem Your 14 weeks pregnant belly second pregnancy may be a lot easier to handle than your first one because you are now more or less used to the effects of your changing shape and size, and you know that this is a phase that will soon passs

Your 14 weeks pregnant belly first baby movements may not be felt externally in the initial stages because the movements are minimal and not forceful enough to cause movement externally on the stomachc From the time your baby has developed limbs, there are movements that are made by the fetus, but cannot be felt because of its small size and minimal strengtht As the baby develops in size and strength, the movements made are noticeable and will be long awaitede Expectant mothers should remember to eat healthy foods and get enough rest, as well as enough exercise to ensure the healthy development of the child that has been formed in the wombm If you feel that you are experiencing problems with your pregnancy, it is advisable that you visit your doctor and give him or her all the details of the complications that you have faced, so fara

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