Newborn Baby Care

Caring for a newborn can be a stressful time for the mother. She has just had a baby, is feeling overwhelmed with supporting this infant and being responsible for its food, care and health.

Newborn care involves having certain supplies always at hand like diapers, nursing paraphernalia and safety and care things.


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Feeding Newborn Babies

Feeding newborn babies can be tricky. Most doctors advise new mothers to breastfeed. Breastfeeding newborn babies can be very beneficial for babies. Mothers secrete colostrum before they start secreting milk. Colostrum is highly nutritive and quite essential for newborn babies. Mothers are encouraged to feed their babies naturally as soon as their babies are born, or within a few hours at least. Sometimes new mothers feed their babies breast milk but do not directly feed the baby. They use a breast pump and pump the milk into a bottle. Babies can also be fed in this manner, but breastfeeding also helps deepen the mother-child bond. Some mothers prefer feeding their child formula. This formula is a pre-mixed food for babies that meets all nutritional requirements for newborn babies. There are many mothers who are not able to generate milk on their own. In such cases, readymade formula serves the purpose.

Newborn Skin Care

New born hair care can be tricky.

Babies emerge from the womb to react very differently. Often, within a few days of birth, the baby generally faces dry skin. A new mother needs to be careful of this dry skin. If your baby's skin is very dry, you should give it shorter baths. You should avoid keeping the baby in very dry rooms. Keep a humidifier in the room, if required.

There are also skin cream and lotions meant for babies which you can use. If the skin continues to remain dry, you can switch to a heavier cream with an oil base. Remember to also protect your baby when you go outdoors, to prevent loss of moisture.

Newborn Hair Care

Often newborns do not have much hair. Some babies are born with some hair and some with no hair. The character of a newborn baby's hair can change within the first few weeks of birth due to hormonal changes. When you bathe your baby, you gently clean its scalp and hair. There are baby shampoos but you might want to wait at least till your baby is a month-old before you start using it.

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Newborn Baby Care
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