Infant Crying

It is extremely upsetting when your newborn infant is constantly crying and you are unsure of how to soothe the baby. All babies do cry, and crying is one way in which they communicate their needs or discomfort. They are unable to do anything on their own, and they do need your help.

You will have to figure out why your baby is crying. Once you do this, you will be able to soothe your crying baby.

Why do newborn babies cry

Here are some tips that will tell you the reasons they could be crying.


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One of the reasons why your baby could be crying is hunger.

Babies’ stomachs are small, and their consumption of milk is quite little in each feed. Thus, soon after feeding, they get hungry again, hence the crying. If you are breastfeeding, you can never be sure as to how much the baby drank, and in the first two days, your baby would be drinking milk in very small quantities. Feed the baby, and he/she will stop crying in some time.

Babies are also very sensitive, and they may cry if their clothes are uncomfortable or if their diaper is wet, which may cause them irritation. Change the diaper and always make sure you dress them in comfortable clothes. Babies may also cry if they are too hot or too cold. Make them wear something light or warmer as the need may be. If it is cold, cover them with few layers of thinner blankets, so you can remove one when your baby starts to feel hot.

How to soothe newborn crying

Many babies cry when they are in a crowded and noisy environment. You might notice your baby crying more when there are relatives at home or if you have taken the baby to a gathering. By crying, the baby tells you that she needs some quiet and rest.

Too much of cuddling by friends and family can also make the baby uncomfortable. Remember that your baby is accustomed to the way you hold or touch it. Take the baby to calmer room and talk or sing to it. You can also rock your baby to try and calm it.

A newborn may be crying if it has not burped. Place the baby on its chest with its head resting on your shoulders, and pat it on the back very gently so it can burp. Sometimes, babies cry when they want to suck on something; this is quite normal. Give the baby a pacifier or a clean finger to bring them comfort. They may cry if their tummy hurts, which could be because of gas or anything you had before you fed the baby. Certain foods that the mothers eat may disagree with the baby. Avoid such foods and see the difference. Do not get yourself worked up if your baby cries; you need to stay relaxed. You can consult your doctor if the crying persists and sometimes, it helps to ask your family for help.

Baby Crying - A Parent Guide
Infant Crying
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