Can You Spoil a Newborn Baby?

(September 3, 2012)

In case you're wondering if your newborn baby has learnt how to purposefully manipulate you and is thus spoiled, you are completely mistaken. Newborns or babies cannot be spoiled. In fact in its first few months, your baby will require as much attention and care that it can get. On the other hand, older children get spoiled because they have gradually learnt how to use negative behavior to their advantage and get whatever they demand. A baby will cry to indicate to its parents that it is sleepy, hungry, needs a diaper change or simply needs to be held.

How babies get spoiled

For those mothers who are keen on knowing how babies get spoiled if they do so,  there is an interesting study that shows that babies who receive prompt attention when they cry tend to feel less anxious and more secure. Additionally, over time, once the baby understands that his parents will respond to his cries each time, he will be less likely to cry for no apparent reason and as he grows up will be less demanding and clingy. When a new born is attended to immediately, he will become more secure and confident and will be keen on exploring on his own. As such, these babies will grow up to become independent and not spoiled toddlers.

However, once the baby is almost 7 to 8 months old, you may want to reduce the undivided and constant attention as at this age the baby will gradually draw up linkages between the cause and effect of its actions. Hence to avoid the likelihood of the baby getting spoiled at this age, you could simply hold the baby and help him calm down if he has been constantly crying for something that he doesn't need or shouldn't be given.  At the same time the baby should also be given plenty of praise and affection when it exhibits good behavior as this acts as a form of positive reinforcement.

Thus parents who think that if they rush to  hold or calm their baby down each time it cries will create a spoiled baby, should know that this will gradually increase the confidence of the baby in its parents and a bond of trust and security also develops.

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