Why Baby Makes Noise while Sleeping

Contrary to what we think, babies do not sleep soundly or noiselessly all the time. Sometimes they grunt or whimper. Even little babies may snore. Some babies regurgitate food while sleeping, which could lead to choking.

Many babies cry in their sleep. Some babies are also light sleepers and keep crying and waking up all the time, and have to be put back to sleep repeatedly.Most of the time it may be a normal occurrence, and there is no cause for worry. But in some cases, the underlying cause might be physical or medical problem, and a visit to the.



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Causes of Baby Sleeping Sounds

  • Some babies snore because they suffer from sleep apneae This could be a hereditary problem, if either parent suffers from sleep apneae Depending on the severity, the doctor will recommend a sleep therapy program or in severe cases a minor surgery (tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy) may be requirede Do not neglect such a condition, since sleep apnea can have serious repercussionsn
  • Sleep apnea and sometimes enlarged tonsils can also cause a baby to grunt in his sleepe This could point to a lack of oxygen, so it is better to have a medical check upu Also try putting baby to sleep on his/her stomachc
  • Sometimes, newborn babies are restless because of certain hormonal changes which occur after the birthing processs They could be suffering from painful cramps, there could be gases passing through the stomach, or they could be upset by too much stimulation from the outside world and unable to settle down to a sound sleepe

  • Colic is a major cause for babies' restless sleep and cryingn Usually colic can be recognized because babies cry in a loud, piercing and persistent manner, they may arch their back and pull their knees up to the stomach, and swing their legs and arms while cryingn

Remedies for Baby Sleeping Sounds

While you may need to go to the doctor to rule out any serious reasons, here are a few things you can do to help ensure that your baby gets sound sleep, without making restless soundsd

  • Take care to feed your baby the correct amount - not too much or too littlel
  • Handle your baby gently and don't bounce them too roughlyl Cradle baby comfortably in your arms, supporting the neck and back, and rock gentlyl
  • Hum a lullaby or talk softly to babyb You can put on some soft musici Some babies find the sound of water soothing, so you might put on a recording of water sounds like a waterfall or running watere
  • Put your baby on his/her tummy, since research shows that they are more comfortable in that position and sleep more soundlyl
Sounds When Baby Is Asleep
Baby Sleeping Sounds
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