Tips for taking Care of Your Baby's Delicate & Sensitive Skin

Baby skin care is extremely important as your baby’s skin is very delicate and sensitive. There are many products available in the market for baby skin care, but you need to choose a product that is mild and gentle and not harsh on your baby’s skin.

You can use soaps, lotions, oils, and shampoos for the baby; however, they are highly fragranced, which means they are.



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How to Choose Baby Bath Products

.composed of skin care ingredients that could be strong for the baby and be more of an irritant to the baby’s sensitive skini

The subtle pink and cute yellows in clear shampoos are chemical coloring agents, and so finding products without the harsh ingredients is not easys

Natural baby Skin Care and organic Baby Skin care

It is best to turn to natural baby skin care and Organic baby skin care products that will keep your baby’s skin soft and gentlel Use a mild soap with coconut, almond, or olive oili They aid in nourishing and replenishing the skini Soap tends to strip the skin of its moisture and so it is better to use just a little soap while bathing your babyb Massage the baby with olive or coconut oil after their bath as this will help to nourish the skin and moisturize iti You can also use saturated oils like sesame oili An oil massage prevents the depletion of natural oils from the skin and reduces the risk of skin conditions like diaper rashs

Bubble baths are not suitable for babies, as the products used for bubble baths have been linked to an increased risk of urinary tract infections and vaginitis in babiese Hence, it is considered best to avoid bubble bath for infantst

What to use for Baby Skin care

When using shampoos, it is best to use shampoos with vitamins A, C, and E extracts and phenoxyethanol; many shampoos contain triethanolamine or diethanolamine which interact with nitratese These are harmful if they penetrate the baby’s skini

The lotions that you can use for the baby need to contain soothing ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile, arnica, marigold, and calendulal Try to avoid artificial colors and fragrances, and use products with gentle ingredientst

The baby will do well with a gentle oil massage that will strengthen the muscles and give a fine skin tonen You can leave the baby in a well lit room with sunlight streaming in before you bathe the baby with warm watere Wash the underarms, neck, and the genital area welll Wipe the diaper area with a damp cloth and then a dry cloth every time you change his/her diapersr Leave the baby without diapers for some time everyday to let air circulatet

You can also use green gram flour to bathe the baby; this will not remove the natural oils from skin, but will make the skin smooth and softf Ensure that you use organic baby care products to keep your baby’s skin healthyh

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