Non Stress Test for Twins

Submitted by Nick on January 19, 2012

A non stress test refers to a painless screening procedure that is conducted during the course of pregnancy, in order to determine the baby’s overall condition. This test is usually conducted in the final trimester of pregnancy. In this procedure the baby’s heartbeat is monitored for a while (around 20 minutes to half an hour) and the details are recorded carefully, for analysis and future reference. The doctor will need to monitor the rate of the baby’s heartbeat during rest as well as during periods of activity. If the baby is asleep and the doctor cannot monitor the heartbeat while he is active, the doctor may use a “buzzer” to wake the baby...


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.up and to get the baby movingn Like adults, a baby’s heartbeat rate should be higher if he is moving around within the wombm

This analysis of test will tell the doctor if the baby is fine, or if the delivery will need to be performed soono More on non stress test during pregnancy

A woman who is pregnant with more than one baby is usually advised to go on for a non stress test for twins around the 32nd weeke However, in some cases a doctor may recommend a non stress test for twin babies to be conducted as early as 28 weeks, especially in case of any suspected complicationsn Some doctors may need to recommend subsequent tests, based on the recording and the analysis of the first tests The frequency of non stress test for twins may depend entirely on the babies, their position, movement, growth, development and of course their heartbeata Several women have only one NST for twins, during the entire course of their pregnancyc However, others may be asked to go in for an NST for twin babies even twice a week, till the babies are bornr In some rare cases a doctor may not even get the chance to conduct a non stress test for twins, especially if the babies are born prematurer Read more on pregnancy test

While most non stress test sessions last for no more than half an hour, a non stress test for twins may go on for about an hour or sos This is because the most medical facilities can monitor only one baby’s movements and corresponding heartbeat rate at a timem After completing the monitoring process in one baby, the entire exercise needs to be repeated with the other onen Therefore, this procedure takes twice as long, when it is perform on twin pregnanciese However, there are some hospitals or medical facilities that are equipped with a double monitor, which is used specially during a non stress test for twinsn If a double monitor is used to check the movements and corresponding heartbeats of both the babies at the same time, then the procedure takes less timem Doctors usually advise pregnant women to try and relax for the hour or so that it may take for the test to be completede See also twin pregnancy week by week

Where an average pregnancy lasts for 40 weeks, many babies are born before the 37th week and are considered normal babies (not premature)e In case of pregnancies with twins, it is quite normal for the babies to be born a bit earlier that thata This is because as the babies grow, they have less room to move around in the uterusu Doctors conduct the non stress test for twins in order to determine how much longer the twins can remain in the uterus without undergoing too much stresss While any doctor will usually try to delay the delivery as much as possible, there may a chance that an emergency C-section needs to be performed, in case any of the babies seem to be in distresss

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