Twin Pregnancy Symptoms Week By Week

Submitted by Nick on January 18, 2012

Pregnancies for twins largely progresses like pregnancies for single babies. The key difference arises only toward the end of pregnancy closing to term, as often mothers carrying twins deliver in week 36. The delivery of the babies usually happens at 36 weeks pregnant because there is usually no place for the babies to grow anymore. Once you have confirmed your pregnancy by week 4 or 5, you may not know immediately that you are having twins. Twin pregnancies have symptoms that usually change week by week.


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The twin pregnancy symptoms do not vary much at 6 weeks and 7 weeks but by the 9th week, you know you are having twins. Get more information on twin pregnancy week by week

You have twins because either you have two eggs that have formed two different embryos or you have one embryo that broke into two to form two babies. The former is caller fraternal twins where the babies share the womb but are not identical and are usually of two different sexes.

In the other case you are having identical twins. Identical twins in the week by week pregnancy tracking are important to identify as it will help you track the growth of the babies easily. In case of a health issue with one baby, you can be sure to see it soon in the other baby, if they are identical twins. Also read twin pregnancy test

In twin pregnancies, your symptoms tend to be acute. Morning sickness is far worse than in case of a single pregnancy. Symptoms of fatigue and tender breasts tend to be worse for mothers who are carrying twins. Usually an ultrasound is the fastest and the surest way to confirm. Sometimes the heightened early symptoms of pregnancy are also considered a sign, but not a sure sign. As an expectant mother, you will need to eat a healthy diet where you would need to consume about 600 calories extra. You will need about one and half times the calories as compared to the woman who is carrying one baby.

All symptoms are advanced so the heartburn will happen much earlier in a twin pregnancy. The mother could experience nosebleeds and stuffiness. You will also feel hotter than most people as you ambient body temperature has gone up. In this trimester as the blood flow increase, you could experience the pregnancy glow. Your physical and sexual appetites could change. You might become averse to certain smells and certain types of foods. Mothers carrying twins are known to even develop mild anemia.

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