Tips for Disciplining Toddler Twins

Parenting twin toddlers can be a daunting task that is likely to sap you of most of your energy. It is necessary to make sure your house is toddler proof by installing gates on stairs, cabinet latches and child proof doorknobs. Wall anchors on heavy pieces of furniture, refrigerators and other large appliances to ensure that your twins do not tip it over when they climb on it, stove guards, locks for your toilet lid, dishwasher and stove are essential while parenting toddler twins.

You must realize that if one twin overlooks a loophole in your safety measures, the other will not and the moment one starts on something, the other is likely to follow suit. Twins also have a tendency to push each other off what they have climbed on.



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.and if they find something unreachable they are likely to use something to climb on top of to reach iti More often than not it will be something unstable as they can’t push anything that is too heavy increasing chances of an accidentn

Discipline when Parenting Twin Toddlers

While parenting twin toddlers, discipline each fairly and consistentlyl They are two minds with different personalities and temperaments and what works for one may not for anothere Temper tantrums, biting and kicking each other can occur and must be handled gently, however, being firm about not hurting each othere So make sure you stick to certain ground rules and allowing for choice where it can be givene Twins are likely to develop a sense of what is mine and what is yours, color preferences and a demarcation when it comes to toys and occasionally a preferred parentn All of these are phases especially the last one and you need not be unduly worriede

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Tips for Parenting Twin Toddlers

When offering them a choice try to do so between two objects as too many choices can confuse theme For instance, offer them two choices over T-shirt colors, either milk or juice and so ono Separate colored plates, sippy cups and napkins are likely to encourage them to eat and sometimes compete over who finishes first and so ono Ensure that there are no food fights and that they are kept occupied either with games or with special activities during specific times of the daya Giving them things to do on a rotational basis will reduce monotony and you won’t run out of new things to give them to dod Parenting toddler twins also involves giving them a routine to look forward to and this will aid in making them feel secure as they can predict what happens nextx These routines which include nap hours will also give you your much needed rests

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