34 Weeks Twin Pregnancy

Submitted by Nick on January 18, 2012

A twin pregnancy is a pregnancy which results in the birth of two babies. This is on account of the formation of a single zygote which splits into two or because of the formation of two zygotes. A twin pregnancy takes place when the ovary releases two eggs simultaneously. This usually happens in case of women who conceive after thirty years of age. This is because delayed pregnancies can result in steroid hormonal imbalances. Women who have past a certain age may also take fertility treatment in order to conceive.


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This kind of treatment may lead to the release of two ova, thereby resulting in a twin pregnancy. Twins may be either fraternal or identical. When two different eggs are fertilized by two different sperms, it leads to fraternal twins.

These twins are not genetically same and are also referred to as non-identical twins. The umbilical cord and placenta is also separate during the pregnancy. When a fertilized egg splits into two, it leads to identical twins. The twins share the placenta, but have separate umbilical cords. These twins are usually genetically alike. In some cases, the separation of identical twins may not occur properly, leading to conjoined twins. A woman who is 34 week pregnant with twins must be monitored closely to check that the babies are moving towards the head down position. At around 34 weeks the twins may have grown to about 17.5 to 19.5 inches in length. Read more on twin pregnancy week by week

There are certain symptoms of a twin pregnancy. In case of a twin pregnancy, the woman is likely to put on more weight. This is because there is an excessive release of steroid hormones because there are two babies involved. One of the most common symptoms experienced by most pregnant women is morning sickness. Due to the extra enlargement of the uterus due to the presence of twins, there may be pressure on the pelvic region and water may be pushed down into the legs. This leads to swelling and tenderness of the feet and hands. There may also be excess hunger and tiredness due to need for an additional amount of important nutrients for the twins.

By 34 weeks twin pregnancy, most women may be anxious for the pregnancy to be over. There may be back pain due to the large size of the abdomen. From 32 to 36 weeks, the antibodies are passed on from the mother’s body to the babies so that they can be protected from infections.

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