What to expect at 33 weeks pregnant?

(March 15, 2012)

A pregnancy consists of stages known as trimesters. A normal pregnancy progresses over the course of three trimesters or 40 weeks. During each week of pregnancy, the baby undergoes growth and development. Here’s what to expect at 33 weeks pregnant.

At this time your baby has gained substantial weight and he may be about 4 pounds or more. Weight gain continues along with further development of skull the body. About half a pound is gained per week and there could be an increase in length of an inch during this week. Since the baby has grown considerably, there will be less space within the uterus. This may lead to some discomfort for the mother when the baby moves about or kicks inside the womb. The baby’s immune system continues to develop during this time and antibodies are passed on from the mother to the baby. This will help to protect the baby from infections after birth. Beware of what you say and do, as at this time your baby is eagerly listening and feeling. If you are 33 weeks pregnant and wondering what to expect with twins, then you must keep in mind that twins are usually born earlier than single babies. A twin pregnancy is said to have reached full term by week 37. Around week 33 of a twin pregnancy, the mother needs to see her doctor once every week. Ultrasounds may have to be conducted more frequently. Non-stress tests are also done during this time. They are done to evaluate the heart rate and movements of the babies.

Many women at 33 weeks pregnant also wonder what to expect with regard to the changes in their own bodies. You can expect to experience symptoms such as leg cramps, frequent urination, heartburn and further enlargement of the abdomen. Some women also experience insomnia during the third trimester. At 33 weeks pregnant fetal development continues to take place at a rapid rate and you are likely to experience considerable fetal movement. There may be frequent headaches due to fatigue and it is important to get adequate rest. As the baby develops almost fully by this time, the abdomen grows larger and this may exert strain on the pelvic area and legs. Some women notice the appearance of varicose veins. The release of pregnancy hormones may bring about changes in the nails such as brittleness. Another change that may occur at around week 33 is the protrusion of the belly button. In some cases, the swelling abdomen may press against the lungs and this could cause shortness of breath. It is advisable to stand as straight as possible so that the lungs have enough space.

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