What to expect at 5 weeks pregnant?

(August 25, 2011)

Going through a pregnancy is always going to be a very painful and testing time for any mother, but the end rewards are almost always worth the trouble. However, one should never underestimate the amount of pain and discomfort that an expecting mother goes through during the entire 9 month tenure of the pregnancy because it is something that only someone who has experienced it firsthand will understand. The body is expected to expand substantially for such a short timeframe and the hormonal changes within the body are likely to trigger very complex and intense mood swings that will definitely require someone very understanding and patient to be by the mothers side throughout the process. Reading up and researching information on the various changes that take place within the body throughout the pregnancy will go a long way into helping the mother understand the various changes that are taking place in her body and also have an idea when something does not appear to be right.

When 5 weeks pregnant, what to expect are not very big changes to your appearance, although there are a number of changes taking place at a subliminal level within the body. At this point of time, you will not even look remotely pregnant, but inside your belly, the baby has already started to develop at a frenetic pace. At 5 weeks, what to expect at the ultrasound is likely to be a small image of the heart that looks no bigger than a poppy seed while you are also likely to notice the development of some other major organs in the body such as the kidneys and neural tube. The 5 weeks pregnant cramping is likely to be as painful as anything you have experienced during your regular period and some of the other 5 weeks pregnant symptoms include nausea, discomfort of sore breasts and a requirement to urinate often. Because of the fact that, at this time, you are now eating for two, it is important to make sure that you are eating well and consuming nutritious foods. Break your meals down to 6 smaller meals spread across the day in order to maximize the potential of your metabolism and also help the body distribute the foods between your body and that of the baby’s proportionately. Moreover, doing this will also help reduce the possibility of indigestion and fatigue in your daily life.

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