What To Expect at 8 Weeks Pregnant?

(August 2, 2011)

Being pregnant is one of the most intriguing experiences of all. In addition to the excitement, many women are very confused with regards to what they should expect during the course of their pregnancy. This is mainly true in the case of women experiencing pregnancy for the first time as well as those who find it difficult to communicate freely with their doctors.  

What to expect at 8 weeks pregnant

“I’m 8 weeks pregnant - what to expect?” is one of the most common questions asked by a number of pregnant women. By this time, the production of the pregnancy hormone HCG is steadily rising and will stabilize at 10 weeks. This hormone is responsible for a number of pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. It is also common for an expectant woman to experience cravings as well as aversions. The flow of blood to the pelvic region gets enhanced due to the hormonal changes. The change in hormone production also leads to mood swings and fatigue. It is also not uncommon for a pregnant woman to feel extremely sleepy during the day. The kidneys start working overtime, leading to an increase in the need to urinate frequently. Breast tenderness and a tingling sensation felt in the nipples are other common signs of pregnancy. Some women also experience a certain kind of heaviness in the abdominal area. Light cramping, as a result of the changes that the uterus is going through, is also to be anticipated.    

8 weeks pregnant what to expect on ultrasound
At 8 weeks, the little baby has gone through the implantation phase and by now, should be attached well to the uterine wall. Having drawn nourishment mainly from the yolk sac during this initial phase, at 8 weeks, a baby is around the size of a large kidney bean. Having gone through several changes to accommodate the growing baby, the uterus is now the size of a grapefruit. In most cases, the belly will not be very visible while in some it may exhibit a slight bulge. All the vital organs have been formed by the 8th week but will continue to grow and develop over the next few months. The brain is developing rapidly while the little heart is busy beating and pumping blood. The baby has started looking more like a little being. However, the fingers and toes are still webbed and the facial features still require sharpness.

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