Tips For Disciplining Your Toddler

Parenting toddlers with discipline is not the easiest of jobs and there are several things that you need to remember and pay attention to. First and foremost, toddlers are great imitators and look up to parents as role models. Hence, if you establish a rule and expect your child to follow it, you must do it too.

For instance, if you insist that your toddler put away her/his toys at the end of the day, you too must keep your things in their proper places thus encouraging the toddler by example. In order for parenting and disciplining toddlers to go hand in hand, make sure.



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.that your rules and the limits you set are consistentn

Tips for Parenting Toddlers Discipline

If you follow a time out method to discipline your child, note that the attention span of the toddler is very limitede Depending on the child’s age you might have to stand over the child for the minute or two you establish as time outu Spanking the child and yelling at it may work temporarily but will prove disastrous in the long runu The child will be afraid of you as long as it is small and vulnerable but as s/he grows, will think it normal to lash out at peers and others who are youngere Yelling is also not a good option, put yourself in your toddler’s shoes and imagine what it feels like to get yelled ata Be calm when dealing with your child and discipline it softly but using a firm tonen The child is likelier to concentrate on what you are saying as it must strain to hear you while the firm no nonsense tone works better than the rising and falling cadences of a yellingn

What to do when Toddler throw Temper Tantrums

Parenting toddlers with discipline is most difficult when the child discovers that it can throw temper tantrums especially in public places which can lead to potentially embarrassing situationsn Do not worry as most parents have faced the same problem at some point in time or othere Instill in your toddler the fact that these tantrums do not bother you and that you can talk when she is done with iti The toddler is more often than not trying to explore its boundaries and the limits to which it can push certain things to get what it wantst This behavior is perfectly normal and you must deal with it tactfullyl Do not repeat the word “NO” often as the child will feel terribly restricted, instead alternate it with words like “STOP” and explain to the child as to why a certain thing cannot be donen Most of all enjoy these years with your child by not equating discipline with punishmentn

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Parenting Toddlers Discipline
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