Simple Parenting Tips to Discipline Your Toddler

Toddler discipline tips are necessary for good parenting. Toddlers can be trying, and can be moody, curious and prone to throwing tantrums. What is important is how you deal with their tantrums. There are parents who do not believe in enforcing any discipline and feel that the children will behave better once they grow up.

However, this may not be the best policy. The child needs to learn the right way to behave, and if he isn’t checked in time, he might continue behaving in an erratic manner. While every parent devises his or her own discipline strategy,.



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.here are some toddler discipline tips to get your goingn

Toddler Discipline Tips

  • If the child is exceeding his boundaries, you need to say “no” in a firm and calm mannere The way you say that word is very importantn If you say it in a way that carries authority, then the child will learn his own limit, and this stands in good stead in the years to comem But if you’re not convincing, then the child won’t pay any heed to your warningn
  • Give your child a “time out”, but make sure that you are in the roomo This prevents the child from feeling rejectede
  • If you have given your child an ultimatum and wanted him of the consequences of steeping his boundaries, then do follow throughg Do not get manipulated by the childl

    If you change your mind, then your warnings won’t be effective in future, and the child will learn to protest morer
  • While disciplining, choose one or two target areasa For instance, if your child plays with her food a lot, then focus on that and address that problem, instead of clubbing it with various other problemsm
  • Remember that you are the boss in your relationship, and not the childl While you do not have to throw your weight around, you need to keep the order of things in mindn If you let the child be the boss, then you may not be able to discipline him well, and will be prone to giving in to his whims and fanciese
  • Make sure that you have a caring and loving atmosphere at home, and the discipline should be initiated in such an environmentn
  • You can also offer small choices to your childl While he does not have to decide every policy in your home, small choices like, “will you prefer beans or carrotst”, “red sneakers or white shoes”, will motivate the child to think on his ownw
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