Non Stress Test For Twin Boys

Submitted by Jenifer on January 18, 2012

Pregnancy can be one of they most joyful experiences of a woman’s life, but it could also involve frequent trips to the doctor, especially in case of a twin pregnancy. If you are pregnant with twin boys, there are several tests that you need to be prepared for. Right from your first antenatal check, till the end of the third trimester, you may need to undergo various invasive or noninvasive tests. Out of all the pregnancy tests that you will be asked to take, the non stress test for twin boys is probably one of the easiest and most painless tests.


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This test is usually recommended for all pregnant women, but is very important incase of a twin pregnancy, because the babies may be less comfortable within the mother’s womb, due to the lack of space.

An average pregnancy lasts for around 40 weeks, but it is very normal for babies to arrive anytime after the 37th week. In fact, incase of twin pregnancies, women may go into labor even before that.

Hence in singleton pregnancies the non stress test is conducted around the 32nd week. However, the NST for twin boys or girls may be conducted as early as the 28th week. While there are some women who go through only one non stress test for twins, others may be asked to take subsequent tests regularly. This depends upon the readings of the non stress test. In case the babies are born much earlier than expected, the doctor may not get the chance to conduct this test even once.

The reason the non stress test for twin boys is so important, is that it can let the doctor know how much longer the babies can spend within the mother’s womb, without any problems. In order to do this, the doctor will need to monitor the movements and the heartbeat of both your babies. It usually takes a doctor around half an hour to conduct this test for one baby, as the baby’s heartbeat needs to be recorded when the baby is active as well as when the baby is resting. With twins, doctors need to conduct the test with one baby and then repeat the procedure with the other baby. If either of your babies is sleeping, then the doctor may use a buzzer to wake him up and get him to move around. Hence, the non stress test for twin boys will probably take twice as long as compared to a singleton pregnant, i.e., around one hour or so. However, if you are going to a medical facility, where the doctor is using a double monitor, then the procedure will not take that long.

There is no preparation that is required of you, before going in for your non stress test for twin boys. However, it is best if you remain calm and relaxed throughout the procedure. This is just a routine test that the doctor needs to conduct, to see if your babies may be under any form of distress. If the reading is normal, then the doctor may just schedule your next routine antenatal visit. In case the doctor suspects some signs of fetal distress, a follow up non stress test may be scheduled shortly. There are some women who have had up to two tests a week, just before delivery, but have gone on to deliver perfectly normal and healthy babies. However, if necessary, the doctor may need to schedule the delivery soon or even perform an emergency c-section. Hence, while there is nothing to worry about, you need to be well prepared for all possible options, when you go in for your non stress test during pregnancy.

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