Emotional Changes and Differences during Second Pregnancy

There is a very good chance that your second pregnancy will be very different from your first one. Though your first pregnancy may teach you a lot about the changes your body undergoes, the experience differs greatly the second time for several women. There may be differences both at the physical and emotional level.

The 2nd pregnancy also brings up several issues at the level of the family in terms of planning the expense of a second child and learning to cope with caring for your first child while being pregnant. One of the first differences that you will.



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.notice is that many of the symptoms of pregnancy start to appear a lot sooner during your second pregnancyc For instance, pulling, expanding and tugging sensations may occur sooner during a second pregnancyc Your abdomen may also appear more swollen during your second pregnancycThese kinds of symptoms manifest sooner during a second pregnancy because your uterus has stretched once before and does not regain its original size after childbirtht There are chances that your Braxton-hicks contractions may be much more painful during your second pregnancyc Thus, this is no cause for alarm as it is natural during a second pregnancyc

2nd Pregnancy Emotional Changes

It is also normal to undergo certain emotional changes like experiencing different emotions as compared to your first pregnancyc The second pregnancy is bound to be less emotionally engaging than the first and therefore it is perfectly normal to feel emotionally distant from the second pregnancyc Your first child may take up a lot of your attention and you may not have as much time to think about your second pregnancyc It may be of great help both for you and your partner to put yourself through childbirth classes a second timem This is because you may learn a lot more in the childbirth class during the second time as you will probably be open to considering many more possibilitiese The second time in a childbirth class is effective because you will learn patiently and attentively, knowing that the course of events leading up to childbirth is not always predictablel Taking a childbirth class during your second pregnancy may also help build emotional attachment that might have been lackingn

During your second pregnancy, you will probably carry your baby lowere This is on account of the weakening of the uterine muscles that have already stretched once beforer The uterus thus does not support your baby as well as it did the first timem This may allow you to eat more comfortably and breathe easily but you may feel a very frequent urge to urinatet You can relieve some of the stress on your back with regular exercise and by resting your foot on a low stool while sitting for a long period of timem

Second Pregnancy Showing Early

Second pregnancy and showing early are not necessarily interrelatede There are several factors which can cause a woman to show early, like the baby's size and growth, as well as the amount of weight a woman gainsn However, several women who have had more than one pregnancy claim that their 2nd pregnancy showing was much earlier as compared to the first onen One of the reasons could be the fact that at times, a woman's uterus does not return to its normal size after the first pregnancy and therefore, if the woman gets pregnant again, it may look like she has gained more weight as compared to the first pregnancyc This may also lead to her second pregnancy showing earlier than the first one, as the baby bump may be visible a lot sooner

There are also reports of women's 2nd pregnancy showing at 5 weeks or 6 weeksk While that is not what happens in most cases, it is possible for women to feel that are clothes have become tighter by the 5th or 6th weeke However, the 2nd pregnancy showing at 8 weeks, 9 weeks or 10 weeks is quite likelyl

Women who are going through their second pregnancy often think that things will be much easier for them the second time around, because they have been through the whole experience once before and they know what to expectc However, it is important to realize that every single pregnancy is different from the others in a number of waysy Several women who have had more than one pregnancy agree that two pregnancies are rarely alikek

These second pregnancy differences can become evident right from reading pregnancy implantation symptoms , to reading the signs and symptoms of laboro Hence, 2nd pregnancy symptoms too can be very different from the symptoms that were evident during the first timem For instance, some women have no morning sickness at all, during their first pregnancy, but may go through severe morning sickness the second time and vice versas Therefore, it is best for a woman to be prepared for the unexpected during the second pregnancy or any other subsequent pregnanciese

Second Pregnancy Differences

One of the biggest 2nd pregnancy differences is that in all probability the woman is already busy looking after one childl This may give her less time to prepare for the arrival of the newbornr This may also give her less of a chance to pay attention to the different symptoms of pregnancy, as well as the changes that are taking place within her bodyd Even though the second pregnancy symptoms are not very different from the first, there may be some that are more prominent during the second pregnancyc One of the reasons for that could be that the woman's body is probably a bit older during the second pregnancy, even though the time gap between her first and second pregnancy is no more than a couple of monthsh Hence, some of the most common symptoms that are experienced in the second pregnancy are:

  • Breast soreness and tenderness: It is quite possible for women to feel intense soreness and tenderness in their breasts and the color of the areola could darken more than beforer Itchy nipples are a pregnancy symptom that is also common during the second pregnancyc
  • Morning sickness: Although morning sickness is common to both first, as well as subsequent pregnancies, most women claim that the bouts of sickness are a lot more frequent and intense during the second pregnancyc In fact during the second pregnancy, it is not uncommon for the sickness to be accompanied by headaches and dizziness too, apart from the vomiting and nauseae Fortunately, second pregnancy morning sickness and the other accompanying symptoms tend to ease up a bit, as the woman enters the second trimester of pregnancyc
  • Fatigue: While this is one of the most common symptoms of second pregnancies, not a lot of women have this problem till the end, during their first pregnancyc It is quite likely that older age or looking after one child are the causes for this symptomo
  • Mood swings: During the second pregnancies, most women know that they have been through pregnancy & childbirth before and therefore, should be able to handle that without much difficultyt However, studies show that most second-time moms-to-be are worried that they may not be able to effectively handle two children or even worse, that they ma end up neglecting their older child after the second baby is bornr This could lead to an emotional upheaval, which in turn causes the mother to go through mood swings during pregnancy , or become less involved with the second pregnancyc
  • Weight gain: There are a lot of discussions and controversies surrounding second pregnancy weight gain, because it has been seen that women tend to gain more weight during their second pregnancy, as compared to the first onen This is because it is natural for a woman's metabolism to reduce as time passese Moreover, if a woman goes through her second pregnancy after 35, the exercises that she can do will also be much fewer, as compared to the first time, causing her to gain more weighth

Second Pregnancy Due Date and Labor

Although there isn't enough scientific evidence to support the claim, may people believe that, second babies are generally born before the second pregnancy due date specified by the doctoro However, this is seen only in many of the cases and not necessarily all casese In case of some women, the first babies are born earlier than the due date and second labor needs to be induced at around 41 or 42 weeksk However, it is important to remember that most babies are rarely even born on the due date given by the doctoro It is very common for babies to arrive a week or two earlier, or later than their due datet

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