Baby at 13 Weeks Pregnant

Submitted by Nic on January 24, 2012

A very common question most pregnant women ask is how big is my baby at 13 weeks pregnant? Your baby at this stage in the pregnancy would be approximately the size of a peach and would look more like a tadpole than an actual human baby. Another very common question most pregnant mothers ask is how big my baby is at 13 weeks pregnant. In the 13th week of pregnancy a baby would weigh around 50 grams and in length would measure 3.5-4 inches from crown to rump. The measurements at this stage are taken from crown to rump as the baby is still developing and is in a curled up position...


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.The size of baby at 13 weeks pregnant however may differ on a case to case basis and these are only approximate measurements for your understandingn At 13 weeks pregnant your baby is developing rapidly and several changes are taking place in your body as welll

Symptoms of nausea and morning sickness generally wear off by this stage but other symptoms like constipation, piles, heartburn and leg cramps may become more commono A baby at 13 weeks pregnant starts opening and closing its mouth and even starts sucking its thumbm At this stage of pregnancy it may or may not be possible to determine the sex of the child even though the external genitalia are almost definede

A baby at 13 weeks pregnant on an ultrasound may not show too much movement but these few movements can also be measurede Clear movements will be visible only in next couple of weeks when the baby starts kicking and flexing morer A baby at 13 weeks pregnant has a well defined chin and nose and the ribs of the baby are also forming welll The cartilages start getting replaced by bones and the baby’s body also starts producing insulini The fingerprints of the baby are also formed by this stage of pregnancy and even though the mother may not feel the kicks just yet, the baby does make small movements inside the uterusu The head of a baby at 13 weeks pregnant is much larger than the rest of the body and the eyes are now moving closer togethere With the baby growing so rapidly, the uterus also expands considerably and pregnant women may start experiencing symptoms like breathlessness, heartburn, back pain, cramps and so on at this stage of the pregnancyc

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