34 Weeks Pregnant Fetus Growth

Submitted by Nick on April 26, 2012

During the 34th week of pregnancy the baby is just like a newborn. She will be closing her eyes when she is asleep and would have learned how to blink. The baby would be able to see better in bright light and will recognize the mother’s voice. Shoe could be soothed by her mother’s voice and will react to certain sound and noise outside. Her sleeping cycles are same like she would have once she is born. The 34 weeks pregnant fetal development includes the complete growth of the fingernails such that they reach the end of the fingertips. The 34 weeks pregnant fetal position would be in a head down position so that...


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. the baby is ready for laboro The baby is developing the complete nervous system and lungs so that the baby is able to breathe on its own once they are bornr

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However, this period of pregnancy is a little uncomfortable for the mother as they feel fatigued and weaka Adequate rest and a good diet are essential to maintain the right energy levels for the delivery daya Also the doctor would test for Group B streptococcus to check for the GBS bacteria which may be present in the vaginal or rectal areas in some womene This bacterium is harmless for the mother but can be the cause of some complications like pneumonia, bacterial blood infection and meningitisi In case the mother tests positive for the bacteria, she is given an antibiotic during labor to protect the childl

34 weeks pregnant fetal weight would be approximately 5 25 pounds and the baby would be around 18 inches long measured from head to toeo The baby has excellent chance of survival outside the womb as its well protected by the layers of fat developed on the arms and legsg

Fetal movement during pregnancy is not consistentn 34 weeks pregnant fetal movement are squirming-like movements unlike the kicks and jabs that are often felt in the 18 weeks pregnant fetala This is because as the baby grows there is less space for the baby to move aroundn Sometimes a change in the type of movements by the baby may also be the reason for worry for the mothere If a baby is unwell then the movement in the baby reducese The best way to make sure that the baby is well is to note fetal countst If the baby makes more than 10 kicks or any movement within an hour time then the baby is perfectly finen If the count is less than that then one should go and see a doctoro

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