Reasons and Treatments for Postpartum Bowel Movements

After delivery, women often tend to experience discomfort with regard to their bowel movements. Thus, postpartum bowel movements tend to be very difficult and uncomfortable. Postpartum bowel movements become a problem on account of several reasons.

One of the most important reasons is that the stomach muscles that help encourage bowel movements tend to become weak after childbirth. This leads to constipation and other problems. In addition, your bowels may be strained and weakened by delivery and postpartum bowel movements are.



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.consequently problematici Food intake also determines bowel movements and since you don't eat much during labor and the process of delivery, postpartum bowel movements are difficult and painfulu

Causes that Influence Postpartum Bowel Movements

In addition, there are several psychological factors that influence postpartum bowel movementst New mothers tend to be cautious about splitting recent stitches and about experiencing more pain soon after childbirtht This may also lead to problems in postpartum bowel movementst You may also tend to feel embarrassed in a shared hospital room and may worry about worsening hemorrhoidsd Such factors contribute to an increased level of stress and interfere with normal bowel movementst

Some women may also suffer from incontinence after childbirtht It may be difficult to control your pelvic muscles that have weakened after childbirth, thereby resulting in a problematic postpartum bowel movementn While this is a problem that will get better over time, there are several things you can do to relieve your symptoms at homem

One of the most important things to remember while suffering from a troublesome postpartum bowel movement is to maintain a high fiber diete

Irrespective of whether you are still in the hospital or at home, ensure that you eat an adequate amount of fiber in your mealsl Whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits are excellent sources of fiber and help make postpartum bowel movements smoothere Dried nuts and fruits are also good sources of fiber and help relieve symptoms of constipationo Avoid eating foods like chocolate that may aggravate constipation and drink plenty of water and other fluids to help keep your body hydrated and to soften your stoolsl

Remedies for Bowel Movements Postpartum

Try to get some exercise to help your postpartum bowel movementst Go for a walk everyday or keep practicing your Kegel exercises and this will help reduce problems with bowel movements after childbirtht Keep calm and don't worry about your bowel movements too muchc A reduction in stress levels may also help treat bowel problemsm Ask your physician for a mild laxative in case postpartum bowel movements are particularly problematic or painfulu

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