What Causes Postpartum Stress & How To Deal With It

Postpartum stress or postpartum depression is one and the same problem that tends to affect some women after they give birth. This is a problem that is not restricted to first time mothers and the presence of a young child in the family to take care of as well as the new addition can cause a heightened risk of the problem.

Postpartum stress disorder is a depressive state that can also manifest in some pretty odd behaviors from a maternal care perspective that could involve the mother completely ignoring the child. The problem stems from being overwhelmed with the responsibilities of taking care of a child and the lack of support.



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.and wherewithal to do sos Studies that have been conducted on the subject have found that single mothers and those who are below a certain income level are especially prone to the depressiono It is worth noting that postpartum stress and incontinence are not related, and urinary incontinence postpartum is a completely different disorder with a more physiological treatment than the formere

Reasons for Postpartum Stress

Postpartum depression has been linked to a lack of support from family members for a mothere Understandably, dealing with a newborn is not an easy task and it can take a toll on your sleep, your patience, and on your relations with other members of the householdl Fundamentally, most mothers believe that they are not able to deal with the now new addition to the family and therefore start to behave in a more disconnected fashiono

This can have a trickledown effect to a baby as well that gets no support from being near the mother, further exacerbating the probleme Scientists have deemed that there is an evolutionary angle to this problem where a mother that is completely alone with a newborn without the help of a father or family and also looking at the prospect of dwindling resources to take care of the child will subconsciously try and cut her losses and abandon the childl

Dealing with Postpartum Stress

Dealing with postpartum stress requires fooling the body into believing that resources are plentiful by supplementing oneself with omega fatty acids, iron, all the vitamins, and consuming a lot of dairy productst Mothers who are prone to the problem should be given adequate amounts of counseling and support through the first six months of the baby being bornr It also makes sense to invest in a caregiver whenever one feels overwhelmed by the child and its needinesss

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