Treatment For Urination Difficulties In Postpartum

Pregnancy brings about many changes in a woman as her body undergoes various changes. Childbirth brings with it a new set of challenges, such as sore breasts, hair loss, skin changes, and much more. To add to these, there can be urination difficulties postpartum, especially if you have had a vaginal delivery.

With the wear and tear of the bladder during pregnancy and childbirth, urination becomes difficult and can even cause discomfort and pain. The body has.



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.gone through a lot during labour and delivery, and the bladder has been traumatized with immense pressure as the baby moved out and could be subjected to a decrease in sensitivity in case of anaesthesiai

The pain and swelling in the perineal area can also make urination difficult along with the fear of passing urine as it can stingn Nevertheless, it is important to urinate within six to eight hours of delivery to prevent infection and bleeding that might occur in case the bladder gets too fulll The reasons for delay in urination after delivery could be low fluid intake prior to labour and delivery, and excessive loss of fluids through vomiting, bleeding, or perspirationo

In spite of the urge to hold back the urine, you need to take in plenty of fluids to dilute the acid content in the urine and also avoid constipationo It might take few days to weeks for the perineum to get healede You could have urinary tract infection if you have trouble and pain while urinating even after few daysy Drink unsweetened cranberry juice to prevent urinary tract infectiono You might also be running a temperature if you are not able to urinate in spite of the urge to do sos

In such cases, it is best to consult your physiciana

Remedies for Urination Difficulties Postpartum

There are few things you can do to make postpartum urination difficulties a little easier to handlel To ease the pain and the sting, you can pour or squirt water while urinating across the perineum or urinate while you are standing under a showere Use warm water to soothe the area or sit in tub with warm water for some timem You can also use ice packs to soothe the areae You can squat instead of sitting while urinating which helps in relieving the stingn

Take a walk as soon as you can, as this helps to get your body and system back to work and normala Finally, do not be embarrassed to use a bed pan as you can be weak after deliveryr Sit on it rather than using it lying down and get help if you need iti

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