How To Treat Postpartum Weight Loss

Studies have shown that, on an average, an expecting mother will put on an additional 30 pounds during the entire cycle of her pregnancy. While about 18 to 20 pounds of that weight is lost during the initial one month following the delivery, a number of mothers are obsessed about losing as much of the baby fat as soon as possible. A pregnant mother is often told that she will start shedding all the excess fat in a matter of weeks.

However, this may not be true for all women, and when they do not experience this weight loss it only causes further damage to their confidence levels. It is common to hear about well known celebrities that lose so much weight so fast.


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It is handy to remind yourself that these women have the added advantage of having a round the clock dietician at their disposal to guide them on the kinds of food that they should consume against what they should not eat. Some people are also blessed with higher metabolic rate - meaning that their body fat burns at exceedingly high levels even when it appears like they are not doing much.

Remedies for Weight Loss Postpartum

Postpartum weight loss needs to be a very calculated risk for the new mother as performing it too soon could prevent your body from attaining the much needed rest it most definitely requires. For the previous nine months, your body has been in a constant state of change. Your organs have been working over time in order to allow these changes to happen and will need some time off to recuperate.

While most gynecologists and doctors are likely to tell you that you can perform postpartum exercises when you feel fit enough, it is easy to start too soon and cause some amount of damage to your already overworked organs. If you have been through a C-section for the delivery, do not follow any kind of abdominal exercise schedule for at least six weeks from the time of the operation.

Postpartum weight can be easily shed by slowly easing into a regular routine with abdominal concentration only being minimal at first, later building up in intensity. The perfect postnatal exercise program contains a short workout that should be followed in the first months and a couple of other - more vigorous 15 minute workouts that can be performed along with the baby. If you are nursing your child, you should not even attempt crash dieting in order to lose weight as milk production requires an additional 500 calories everyday.

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