How to lose weight while breastfeeding?

(August 3, 2010)

Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

Women, who have been through childbirth recently and are still nursing their babies, are often worried about trying to lose weight as they do not want to do anything that will reduce the quantity and quality of their breast milk. So while many young mothers are very keen on returning to their pre-pregnancy shape as soon as possible, they are afraid to diet or exercise while they are breastfeeding. Most women even believe that they should not lose weight, while they are still breastfeeding. However, that is not necessarily true. It is quite possible to lose weight while breastfeeding, as you have the right approach. While going on a strict diet should be strictly avoided, it is quite alright to make a few lifestyle changes that result in weight loss. Rapid weight loss plans may not be suitable, as it may take a while to lose all the weight that was gathered in 9 months. First of all, the act of breastfeeding is a great calorie burner on its own. Therefore breastfeeding can help you lose weight faster. There are also nursing diets that are appropriate for women who are breastfeeding and need to lose a few pounds.
However, there are certain measures that can help you lose weight faster while you are breastfeeding, without reducing the supply of milk, on endangering either you baby’s or your health in any way:

•    It may be advisable to wait till your baby is at least 2 months old before you try to cut down on the number of calories you consume each day. However, before that, it is a good idea to start exercising for at least half an hour everyday, for about 5 days a week.

•    Allow your baby to be breastfed on demand, as it will improve your milk supply. The more you feed your baby, the more it will help you lose calories, as well as weight. Studies indicate that women who breastfeed that babies for over six months lose more weight.

•    Ensure that you consume the required number of calories each day, while you are breastfeeding. Consuming less than 1,500 calories each day could reduce the supply of milk drastically.

•    Set realistic goals and make sure that you do not lose more than 1.5 pounds each week. Again, this should only be done when after the baby completes 2 months.

•    Ensure that you get the adequate amount of exercise each day, as weight loss is not possible, without some form of physical activity. You do not need to work out strenuously for hours. Walking, swimming, aerobics or yoga for about half an hour every day should be a good way to start and can be continued till the baby is a little older.

Losing weight for nursing mothers has never been easier; there are a number of weight loss groups especially meant for women who are breastfeeding. It would be beneficial to join such a group where several women who are in the same situation support you and help you to achieve your weight goals.

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