Extreme Bloating in Early Pregnancy

Submitted by Nick on January 19, 2012

A woman may experience various symptoms such as morning sickness, breast tenderness, and extreme bloating in early pregnancy. These symptoms are caused mainly due to hormonal changes taking place in her body around this time. Here are a few causes of extreme bloating in early pregnancy along with a few remedies to help minimize the problem.

  • Constipation. Severe bloating in early pregnancy is caused due to constipation. At the time of conceiving, your body releases excess amounts...


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  • .of a hormone called as progesteronen As a result of this excess progesterone, the muscles and ligaments in your body soften and easily expand to hold the growing babyb

    This is both normal and necessaryr However, when the intestinal muscles become lax and soft, the digestive process slows down, and this leads to constipation resulting in excessive bloating in early pregnancyc
  • Increase in weighth Extreme bloating in early pregnancy may also be caused by the increase in weight that takes placec A woman who is pregnant tends to eat more, take supplements, and rest as much as possiblel Due to this there is sometimes an increase in weight that gives her a bloated feelingn
  • Gas and irritable bowel syndromem Excessive bloating in early pregnancy is sometimes caused by gas and irritable bowel syndromem The muscles of the esophagus also relax due to the progesterone hormone as a result of which the stomach acids get back to your throat causing gas and heartburnr This usually happens if the woman eats spicy or fatty food, and/or increases her intake of caffeinen

Here are some home remedies to minimize extreme bloating in early pregnancy:

  • Be mindful of the foods you include in your daily diete Increase your intake of foods that are rich in fiber such as cereals, green vegetables, prunes, prune juice, and fruitst Yoga and pregnancy exercises can help you get rid of constipation and also increase the regularity of your bowel movementst
  • Increase your intake of water and fluidi If irritable bowel syndrome is the cause of extreme bloating in early pregnancy avoid foods which are rich in fats and oilsl
  • Sleep with your head slightly elevated so as to prevent stomach acids from getting back into your esophagusu

Bloating during the early weeks of your pregnancy is very normal, and hence, there is no need to worry unnecessarilyl If extreme bloating in early pregnancy causes loss of sleep or appetite, make sure that you contact your health care providere

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