Bloating During Early Pregnancy

By Ashley | January 13, 2010
Bloating In Early Pregnancy

Feeling bloated during pregnancy is a very common problem faced by almost every single pregnant woman. Burping like there is no tomorrow, feeling bloated, or passing wind are all normal conditions associated with pregnancy.

Before we get on to the remedies, first understand why this happens. During pregnancy, your body secretes the pregnancy hormone, progesterone. This hormone is responsible for maintaining the pregnancy. Progesterone maintains the pregnancy by relaxing all the soft muscles and tissues of your body, including your gastrointestinal tract.

When your gastrointestinal tract muscles are also relaxed, the digestion process slows down and this leads to burping, bloating, gas retention, flatulence, and the horrible gassy sensation in your gut, especially after eating a big meal.

Besides this, as you proceed with your pregnancy, your growing uterus occupies maximum amount of space in the abdominal cavity which further slows down the digestion process, thereby pushing your stomach even more and in turn making you feel bloated. Other conditions that accompany this bloating are constipation and heartburn.

Remedies for Bloating During Pregnancy

Now that we know what causes bloating during pregnancy, here are some things you can do to help yourself in such a situation.

  • The most effective way to reduce the bloated feeling is by cutting down on junk food. Make sure you follow a balanced and nutritious diet. Try to avoid junk food and fatty food as they will contribute to the situation.
  • Eating small portions of meals will help you keep this condition away as it will be easy for your digestive system to digest the food.
  • Opt for fresh juices instead of carbonated ones. Aerated drinks contain carbon dioxide that encourages gas formation.
  • Sit up straight while eating or drinking. Even while munching on a light snack, make sure you sit in an upright posture to avoid formation of gas.
  • Wearing loose and comfortable clothing will help you feel lighter. Tight clothes especially around your waist and tummy may make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Limit the quantity of water intake during the meals. Water may fill your stomach and lead to a bloated feeling.
  • Chew your food properly and avoid talking while you eat as it may lead to swallowing of air and will cause a bloated feeling.
  • Follow a moderate exercise regime like walking as it will help activate your sluggish digestive tract.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol as they trigger acidity and many serious health problems.
  • Lastly, in spite of following the above tips, if you still feel bloated, then consult your doctor. Do not self-medicate especially when you are pregnant.
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