Week by Week Baby Development Stages After Birth

Submitted by Nick on August 13, 2012

Baby development stages after birth is dependent on certain factors as to whether the baby  was born naturally or via a caesarean and if the baby was born full term or had a premature birth. Ensuring that a newborn baby is keep warm is an essential part for correct baby development week by week after birth. This is because the newborn baby does not have the ability to manage and control its body temperature and hence it is essential to keep the baby dry and warm. Most doctors will also emphasize on a skin to skin contact with the baby and the mother...


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.as soon as it is delivered so as to ensure mother-child bonding right from early ono While tracking the baby development stages after birth one should remember that most of the data regarding fetal development week by week after birth is just an average information that is given and will be slightly different at times for different children as some babies may achieve certain developmental milestones either later or even earlier than what is considered to be normal at that particular ageg

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From birth to the first month after being born, the baby development stages includes spending almost 20 hours a day sleeping and being fed up to eight times a daya The baby will also be completely helpless and asocial and will be solely dependent on its mothere As the baby reaches one month of age it will be able to distinguish sensory aspects such as hearing, tasting, smelling, vision, perception of pain and so ono One of the next baby development stages after birth is when the baby moves from two months to three months of ageg At this baby development stage after birth the child is able to makes sounds such as crying, grunting, cooing, may smile at a face or fix its gaze on a particular face and may also be calmed down or soothed by rockingn At this stage of the baby after birth, he or she is also able to lift its head up when it is lying on its stomach and also express delight as well as control its eye musclese As the baby grows to six months of age the baby may start babbling and will also be able to distinguish between strangers and familiar facese On an emotional development front, the baby will enjoy being cuddled as one of the baby development stages after birtht

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