Nutritious Food for Baby's Brain development

A baby's brain develops at a very fast rate along with its physical growth. There is a lot of development which is yet to happen from the time the baby is born and these early years are formative in the child's brain development.

It is for this reason that scientists and doctors stress fostering proper development of the brain in the early years.

Baby Brain Development Stages


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Baby Brain Development Stages

Both in terms of personality and brain development, it is important that special attention be paid to children in the early stages of development. The brain functions from the time of birth and their gradual development through the growing years has been studied by various scientists. Today, medical science has a very clear idea of what goes on in a baby's brain through the growing years.

Not all of the baby's brain cells are connected with each other at the time of birth. The reflex actions like breathing and heartbeat are fully developed at birth but the other, finer functions of the brain develop at a steady pace after the child is born. Many of these connections and functions are not immediately required but as time passes, the hard wiring of the brain becomes more sophisticated and complex.

Every experience that the baby has right from the moment of birth has an implication on the connections of the child's brain. The development of the brain is guided by these experiences. When the baby hears you speak, it begins to catch words and starts speaking. It has been seen that deaf babies who are not able to make this connection, are not able to speak.

Baby's Brain Food

The care and attention that the baby receives is important to the baby brain development.

Different actions have different effects on the baby's mind. Baby brain stimulation is therefore very vital in this development period.

Nutrition is also very important at this stage. The brain's nutrition begins even before the baby is born. While a good balanced diet functions as healthy baby brain food, alcohol and tobacco, consumed when the mother is pregnant, can have adverse effects on the baby's brain. Regular prenatal care can therefore help you make sure that the baby's brain develops well during pregnancy.

A baby can feel unsafe and unprotected if it is not responded to. The stress produced in such a situation is often detrimental to the development of the brain. The care givers, in most cases the parents, ought to give constant attention to the baby when it is still young. Talking or reading to your baby even if the baby is too young to understand it, can provide valuable stimulation to the baby's developing brain.

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