Baby Personal Development and Feeding Stages

A baby grows from being a dependent little being at nascency to becoming more independent as he or she starts to move freely, adopting words and understanding oral communication. Through the months and over the various baby development stages, the baby starts to create a unique personality.

In spite of the fact that each child is unique, there is a perceptual structure of developmental advancement that all babies abide by within a reasonably narrow frame of time. Conventionally there are approximately four primary areas of development and baby growth stages.


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Primary Areas of Baby development and baby growth Stages

  • Motility or motor development - this stage starts when the toddler learns to move about in a spontaneous manner and with or without outside help. This stage also involves the independent motions of the extremities thus paving the road to independent walking.
  • Fine motor development and the perceptual experience of seeing - Fine motor development skills are all about manipulative skills. It eventually extends to being able to perform elaborated manual endeavors
  • Oral communication, language formation and auditory sense - this stage is with regards to language development, which is a fundamental human feature.
  • Personal development and social interaction - this is about the development of oneself and reciprocal action towards people around him or her

Your baby grows at his or her own pace. During the first year of your baby's growth, the child's brain develops to approximately sixty or seventy percent of its weight. The baby starts to learn mainly through sight and the auditory sense, and engages in reciprocal actions.

It helps when parents shape and mold the baby's development through external stimuli by offering an enriching surrounding to the baby and by reacting befittingly to the baby's demands. Parents must be instrumental in helping their babies learn by furnishing the child with a surrounding that he or she can examine minutely and freely. It also helps if the parents view the world through the baby's eyes and offer courage or confidence to the child to become inquisitive, participate in play, and explore the child's interests.

During the initial three months, the baby bestows undivided attention on the mother. The baby minutely scrutinizes your face and eagerly listens to your voice. It is important to encourage your baby at this time by laughing and gurgling along with your baby and making comical faces and amusing sounds. At any given stage, the baby matures and develops better if the mother or the father holds the child and encourages him or her at all times.

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