Signs Of Toddler Injury & Preventing Them

Even though parents take extreme care of their little ones, preventing toddler injuries sometimes becomes almost impossible. Since toddlers are always on the move and are prone to falling down at any or every juncture, it is important to monitor their activities and take prompt action in the event of any injury or a fall. When toddlers are left on their own they are likely to get injured especially in the absence of a guardian or a supervisor.

Falling down and injuring oneself is a part of life for most toddlers and in most cases injuries take place when toddlers fall headfirst, scaring both the parent and the toddler. Fortunately, most toddler injuries are usually minor in nature or and do not usually .



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.require more than a warm hug or kisss In most cases, toddler injuries treatment would consist of a cold pack or compress to reduce the formation of any bumpm In some cases however when toddlers fall headfirst it can get serious and cause bleedingn Hence it is important for parents to discern between minor toddler injuries from more grievous ones and know when to consult the pediatriciana

It is a good habit to observe the toddler closely for 24 hours in the event of a real bang to the heada If the injury has taken place late in the evening, it would be wise to check on your child during the night and if possible, briefly wake him or her up at least once during the night to ensure that no symptoms have developede

Rush your toddler immediately to the pediatrician if he or she shows the symptoms:

Symptoms during a toddler injury

  • Lack of coherence or insensitive to touch and unresponsive to speechc
  • Loss of consciousness
  • signs of bleeding or clear fluid running from the ears or nose
  • heavy bleeding from the scalp, or from any other injured area
  • signs of disorientation or lack of recognition
  • complaining of severe headaches
  • signs of convulsions or seizures
  • sudden muscle weakness or loss of movement
  • different sized pupils
  • nausea and vomiting

Prevent Toddler Injuries

Even though head injuries among toddlers are sometimes unavoidable, it can help to take a few measures in order to prevent grave injuriese One of the most important things to do is to child-proof the house and install safety measures in certain areas where it may be dangerous for the child to venturer It is also a good idea to make certain areas of the house inaccessible to the toddler such as tabletops, counters and footrestst Ensure that there is no sharp edged furniture in the house, or if present, place them away from the child's reachc

One golden rule of preventing toddler injuries is to never leave toddlers unsupervised, but ensure that there is either a guardian or a caregiver present around the child at any given pointn

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