Signs of Eye Injuries in Toddlers

Eye injuries can range from being mild to severe. Eye injuries in toddlers and children, if ignored, can result in a permanent loss of vision. An injury to the eye can be brought about due to several reasons, some of which include fingernails, toys and chemicals. There are various kinds of eye injuries, such as; a black eye or bruising, eyelid lacerations, hyphema, corneal abrasions and so on and so forth.

Any kind of an injury to a toddler's eye needs to be deemed as a medical emergency. Pain in the affected eye is one of the most obvious symptoms of a possible eye injury. In addition to this there may also be redness, swelling around the eye and a change in the shape of the pupil or iris.


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At times however, an eye injury may display no visible symptoms; this is when it can go unnoticed for a long time, leading to more severe problems.

Toddler eye problems

Detecting toddler eye problems can be quite a challenging task. Experts generally recommend baseline eye tests for toddlers, once they are about 6-7 months old. This will help in detecting any eye problem at an early stage. This kind of a test has to be performed regularly, particularly if there is a history of eye problems in the family.

As toddlers are too young to identify problems associated with their eyesight, the onus is thus on the parents to look out for symptoms. A toddler that has eye problems may display one or more of the following symptoms; frequent rubbing of the eyes, the eyes start watering for no apparent reason, the child squints when looking at something, the eyes do not move together or in unison, he or she keeps bumping into things, the toddler sits very close to the television and has a tendency of cocking the head to one side while gazing at something.

Symptoms of Eye Injuries in toddlers

Another very common symptom of an eye problem in a toddler is eye blinking that is unusually frequent. There are large number of eye problems that one can suffer from, if in case your toddler appears to display one or more of the specified symptoms then they could have the following eye problems; myopia or nearsightedness, hyperopia or farsightedness, astigmatism, strabismus also referred to as crossed eyes and lazy eye or amblyopia. Treatment for each condition is different and an early diagnosis can reduce the severity of the condition.

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