Treatment For Various Types of Toddler Injuries

There are several types of injuries that kids can sustain. Some of these include toddler tooth injury, toddler eye injury, toddler mouth injury, toddler wrist injury, toddler leg pain, and toddler hip pain. As a parent you can keep only a certain amount of control over your child's movements and cannot prevent all the accidents that might happen.

A nasty fall, a bruise, scrapes or cut are part of a child's life. What you can do is be prepared to deal with toddler injuries. Remaining calm when the child is injured also helps to soothe the child.


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Toddler Bite injuries

Bites from insects can lead to itching, pain, inflammation or rash. Bites in toddlers can be treated with medication prescribed by a doctor or bought over the counter from a drug store. You should take your child to a doctor if the bite seems to be infected, continues to bleed, might need stitches, or is from a poisonous lizard, snake or some animal.

Toddler Ankle and foot injuries

Children often stub their toes, or hurt their foot or ankle while playing. This can cause pain and swelling. Children hurt themselves while playing, running around or accidental falls. If you feel that the pain and inflammation is a lot, then take your child to a doctor.

Toddler Cuts and scrapes

Your toddler might hurt himself while playing or if he has a sharp object or toy. You can treat cuts and scrapes at home. For this you need to wash your hands and apply pressure with a clean gauze to stop the bleeding. Once you've managed to stop the bleeding, check the wound for dirt, glass and grass. Wash the wound with water, and in some cases, you might have to use tweezers to pick out the debris.

Wash the wound with water and soap gently, and very slowly pat it dry. Alternatively, you can soak the wounded area in a tub of water. Once dry, you might want to apply an antiseptic ointment of solution.

Toddler Tumbling out of the crib

Toddlers can fall of the bed or tumble out of their crib, couch or highchair. If your toddler falls off, then check him for injuries on the back and head. You need to make sure that the child hasn't suffered any broken bones or internal damage. If your child is fine then you don't have anything to worry about. But if you feel there is anything wrong, take him to a doctor.

Toddler Concussion

A concussion is a closed-head injury. In this, nothing has penetrated the skull. Take your toddler to a doctor in case the child has had a concussion.

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