my two year old daughter has broken her small pieces of her front tooth due to two accidental falls what would you recommend?

(August 27, 2010)

A toddler broken tooth cannot be replaced and does not even need to be put back in as it is a baby tooth and the permanent teeth are on their way. If a toddler has had a fall or an injury which has resulted in a loose tooth then one may need to apply some cold water or an ice pack or even give the toddler a popsicle to cut on to reduce the swelling. In case there is some bleeding also involved one may put some cold water on a piece of gauze and then apply this on the injury while applying some slight pressure to stop the bleeding. Thereafter one should immediately call the dentist who may want to see the child personally to check for the need to remove a loose tooth or even for realignment of the tooth if required. If the toddler is very young then the doctor may simply recommend that they allow the rest of the teeth to remain in their natural position till the permanent teeth finally appear. In case of a toddler broken tooth one needs to monitor the child over the a couple of weeks to check for any signs of an abscess such as any swelling  or a fever or excessive sensitivity in the gums next to the site of the injury.

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On the other hand if the toddler has managed to chip or break a permanent tooth then one should collect the pieces of the tooth and rinse the damaged area in the child’s mouth with some warm water and also give the child a cold compress to hold against the tooth while he is being taken to the dentist right away. Sometimes the toddler may manage to completely break a permanent tooth which should then be taken by holding it by the crown instead of the root. The tooth should be immediately washed with some milk or saline water. The toddler should then be rushed to the dentist and be given a gauze pad to bite down on which will help in lessening the bleeding as well as the pain. If a toddler completely knocks out his baby teeth it is not a cause of concern as they are temporary teeth. However baby teeth are required as they help the child in speaking and eating and also prepare the place in the child’s mouth for the permanent teeth to grow in.

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