Toddler fell and almost put her tooth through her lip, now there is a white spot...?

(March 3, 2010)

Toddlers generally tend to fall during the earlier stages of walking. Because of the fact that the body is still getting used to balancing itself, a toddler will experience some unsteadiness while attempting to stand erect and walk. As your toddler begins walking around, you will notice that he or she will grab on to more firm supports to keep from falling. It is important that you be extra careful when your toddler is teething because there are chances that they will have an injury to the mouth because of impact, after coming into contact with a more solid surface, such as the corner of a table, or the floor.

When a teething toddler falls and injures him or herself in the region of the mouth, there are chances that the teeth at the front of the mouth will cause further injury to the inner lining of the mouth itself. A tooth that breaks the tender layer of skin on the inner lining of the mouth will tend to cause a bruise or a minor cut. This particular spot tends to turn white due to the healing process of the body, which seals the wound almost immediately. Very small amounts of pus that form where the dead cells are located give it the white discoloration that would naturally cause some amount of worry to parents. The best recommended remedy for an injury suffered on the inside of the mouth is to apply a small amount of glycerin over the affected area. The glycerin helps to clear the area of any infection while producing a protective layer over the wound to ensure that there is no further penetration by bacteria that can lead to the formation of sores in the mouth. Before making use of glycerin to heal an injury in your toddler’s mouth, however, be sure to check with your pediatrician.

When an injury is suffered to the inner lining of the mouth, eating foods that are spicy or piping hot can cause some amount of discomfort. Foods may need to be cooled down more than you usually do while feeding your toddler, because the sensitivity of the mouth is increased in the area that has suffered the impact of the injury. Similarly, foods that are spicy will cause a burning sensation where the tooth has broken the skin. At a time like this, it is advisable that you give your toddler bland foods that are lukewarm, so as not to cause any discomfort. The lip should regain its normal color within a few days.

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