Symptoms and Cure of Tonsillitis in Toddlers

Submitted by Nic on January 18, 2012

The term tonsillitis is used to indicate an inflammation of the tonsils which is triggered by either a bacterial or a viral infection. Tonsillitis in toddlers is one of the most common childhood conditions. Most parents are looking for an answer to the very commonly asked question, “What causes tonsillitis in toddlers?” Tonsillitis is mainly caused by the common cold viruses. Bacteria such as the one responsible for strep throat are also known to trigger tonsillitis. The tonsils help in dealing with the bacteria and viruses that enter from the nose and the mouth. A lowered immune system results in an inability to fight off these infections...


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.completely and this is believed to lead to tonsillitisi

The symptoms of tonsillitis in toddlers mainly include fever as well as a sore throata

Since a toddler may not be able to describe what he or she is actually feeling, crankiness as well as irritability are the main symptoms that indicate that something is wrongn Loss of appetite clubbed with great discomfort displayed while consuming food, especially solid foods, are signs of a throat infectiono On looking into your toddler’s mouth, you may see that the tonsils are sore and swollene Yellow or white patches may also be seen on the inflamed regiono Sore eyes, ear aches, body aches as well as nasal congestion may also be seen during a bout of tonsillitisi

For tonsillitis in toddlers, treatment would include some antibiotics prescribed by a pediatrician or pain relief, anti-inflammatory or fever controlling medicationo No medication should be administered without consulting a pediatrician as it could prove to be dangerous as a toddler’s system is very delicatet Gargling with a glass of warm, salty water is known to curb the infection as well as soothe the throata Chewing on lozenges is also recommendede During a bout of tonsillitis, encourage the intake of warm fluids such as soupsp Opt for fruits, salads and boiled, bland foods as they are easier to digest at such a timem The intake of plenty of water is also recommended to wash out the germs from the toddler’s systeme To prevent recurrent tonsillitis in toddlers, it is essential to boost your toddler’s immune systeme This can be done by giving your toddler a glass of warm milk to which a pinch of turmeric powder and honey have been added, every nighth This concoction is known for its ability to soothe a throat affected by tonsillitis as well as boost the immune systeme Fresh fruit juices, especially oranges and lemons, are also known to enhance the working of the immune systeme

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