Family Foods During Weaning

By Ashley | December 29, 2009
Family Foods During Weaning

Once babies reach nine months of age, they are ready to be given chopped or mashed versions of the meals that the rest of the family is eating. After introducing the baby to solid foods, you must offer him soft mashed pieces of food so that his chewing technique starts developing. This must be done when he is ten months old as offering lumpy foods to babies beyond this age may cause them to eat a lesser range of family foods and feeding problems may also occur.

While preparing the main family dish, before you add salt take a portion out for the baby. On days when the family food is eating something that cannot be handled by the baby, you will need to prepare separate food for him. Spicy foods and salads are not suitable for babies and as such on those days you need to prepare special baby food. The baby’s milk requirement reduces once he starts eating other foods. Milk must still continue to be part of the baby’s diet and about a pint of milk must be given per day till the end of the first year. Beyond this age, half a pint of milk may be offered to the child every day. Dairy products are also good sources of calcium and protein and must be added to the baby’s diet. Milk must be fed to the baby after meals as if given before meals; it may lower appetite for other foods. There are certain foods which are still not suitable for babies and hence must be avoided. These include whole nuts, honey, soft cooked eggs, tea, coffee, fizzy soft drinks and crisps.

During the time when the baby begins to eat solid foods, he may require food at regular intervals and may be unable to go on for long periods without food. As such a mid-morning snack, followed by a mid-afternoon snack is a must. Snacks can consist of small slices of fruits such as banana, apple and grapes. Small strips of cheese, yogurt, rice cakes and vegetables pieces also serve as nutritious foods. Foods to avoid are chocolates, sweets and any other sugary foods. These may provide an energy boost, but lack the nutrients that are required by the body. Babies usually enjoy foods such as pasta shapes, pieces of cooked chicken or meat, sticks of cooked vegetables, cheese pieces, strips of bread and small banana sandwiches.

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