Toddler Fractured Foot

Submitted by Nic on January 18, 2012

It might appear surprising, but it is a fact that toddler fractures are not uncommon. When toddlers run or step over something that makes them lose their footing, it might cause a twisting of the shin bone or tibia in a spiral pattern. Toddlers are prone to fractures on account of carelessness or inability to judge physical environment. As such, a toddler’s fractured foot or a fractured ankle in toddlers is something that most parents have to deal with. The symptoms of toddler fracture in the foot are pain and swelling in the foot and outburst of pain on application of pressure making it tough for the toddler to walk. However, it should be noted that...


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.a fractured foot in toddlers is not easy to diagnose with an X-raya There are various types of fractures in toddlers, some of which are listed as follows:

Toddler Leg Fractures

Leg fracture is caused by damage to one or more of the three bones in the leg, which are the femur (thigh bone), tibia (shin bone), and fibulal

However, foot fracture, particular a toddler fracture in the heel is more often attributed to damage of the tibia and fibula bones and also the surrounding ligaments, tendons and blood vesselsl Another form of fracture in toddlers, namely, fractured metatarsal is quite commono Metatarsus is referred to as the bones in the toes, and damage of any of the five metatarsal bone leads to foot fracture in toddlersr

Toddler Spiral Fractures

Spiral fractures are the one caused by the twisting of a bone by some kind of traumam Toddlers are more prone to spiral fractures when they are learning to walkl While toddlers learn to walk on their feeble legs, they might lose balance and fracture their lege

Toddler Hand Fractures

When a toddler hurts the carpus (wrist bone) or other bones in the hand, it is believed that the toddler has fractured his/her handn Hand fractures may be caused when the toddler falls on his anterior body, causing trauma to the handsd The symptoms of a hand fracture are similar to the general symptoms of fracture, including pain and swellingn While toddler fractures might bother the parents as it leads to immense pain and discomfort in the toddler, it can be cured with proper medicationo However, sometimes, the fracture is severe and might require surgery or a cast for a few weeksk If the fracture is diagnosed timely and appropriate medical treatment is given, the toddler can recover in few weeks’ timem Apart from medical treatment, parents must ensure that the toddler does not engage in much physical activity till the time the fracture is completely curede Immobility and medical treatment would help the toddler recover fastere

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