Tips to Treat And Prevent Common Toddler Tooth Injuries

Toddlers and children are prone to getting tooth injuries. They hurt themselves while playing and sometimes they get oral injuries. Toddler tooth decay, toddler tooth extraction, and toddler tooth discoloration are some of the other tooth injuries that toddlers might sustain.

Common Toddler Tooth Injuries

  • A common sort of tooth injury that toddlers and pre-schoolers sustain is...


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...while playing or toddling around. They fall on their face and the front tooth gets pushed into the jaw. If this happens, we suggest that you take your doctor to a dentist immediately.

  • Another tooth injury that happens with young children and toddlers is that while they move around with a pacifier or a toy tucked into their mouth, they may bite those too hard and that causes injuries to the mouth and leads to a tooth or teeth falling out. When examined, doctors have found that the injury in the mouth is in the shape of the pacifier or the toy that caused it. It is very important to take your child to a pediatric dentist, who can check for orofacial structures. The dentist will be able to asses if the damage is permanent and can chalk out a treatment plan.
  • Another tooth injury that might happen with toddlers is laterally displaced upper primary central incisor. You need to take the child to a dentist for treating this.
  • Discolored teeth or fractured teeth are some other tooth injuries that affect toddlers. Once in a while the primary tooth gets injured or an injury can cause tooth discoloration. Both these problems need to be examined by a dentist.
  • Sometimes toddlers injure themselves so badly that the tooth is forced out of the mouth. We advise you to not put that tooth back into the socket as it could cause permanent damage. A dentist will be able to suggest the correct treatment plan for this.
  • Sometimes, when toddlers or young kids are on their own, they bite electric cords and place these cords in their mouth, which can cause severe burns in the mouth and lips. You need to take the child to the emergency room in this case. We also suggest that you should check your home and eliminate any features that might be unsafe for the kid. For older children, who play sports, we suggest you get a mouth guard for them to protect them from sports-related mouth injuries.

Tips to prevent toddler tooth injuries

  • If the child is bleeding from the mouth, apply cold water on a gauze and put pressure on the area.
  • To reduce swelling, you can give your toddler an ice cube to suck.
  • After taking these basic steps, call the dentist immediately.
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