Treating Bad Breath While Pregnant At Home

By Kieth | September 13, 2011
A Bad Breath When Pregnant

Pregnancy is a period that brings about a number of changes in the body of a woman. These changes normally include nausea, vomiting, aversions, breast tenderness and mood swings. Halitosis or bad breath during pregnancy is one of the less common conditions that are experienced by expectant mothers.

Causes of bad breath during pregnancy

Bad breath during early pregnancy is initially identified by most pregnant women because of the presence of a metallic taste in their mouth. Gradually, in some cases pregnant women begin to realize that they have bad mouth odor. Bad breath during pregnancy is mainly caused by the changes occurring due to the hormonal alterations in the body. These alterations are known to result in gum disease, the leading cause of halitosis. In addition, during pregnancy the demand for calcium by the body also increases and a deficiency of the nutrient could lead to tooth decay resulting in bad breath as a pregnancy symptom. In some cases women experience bad breath during the third trimester, and one of the causes for this could be tooth decay. However, it is not advisable to undergo any dental procedures during pregnancy as its best to prevent exposing the developing baby to unnecessary risks. Hence, the best way to curb bad breath during pregnancy is to ensure optimal oral hygiene as well as pay close attention to diet.

Home Remedies for bad breath during pregnancy

  • In order to prevent bad morning breath during pregnancy, you must ensure that your teeth are brushed and flossed before going to bed, on a daily basis. This will make sure that no food particles are stuck between the teeth or in loose gums.
  • Cleaning the surface of your tongue twice a day with a tongue cleaner will help you to get rid of bacteria and food debris. There are several mouthwashes available in the market, but it’s possible the taste of the mouthwash during pregnancy may be repulsive to some women. On the other hand, a few mouthwashes are not recommended during pregnancy as they contain alcohol that could cause potential harm to your unborn child if swallowed. Instead, a good alternative to a mouthwash is gargling with a salt water solution. Salt is known for its ability to kill germs that result in bad breath.
  • Chewing on a few carom seeds or fennel seeds not only helps to prevent bad breath while pregnant but also curbs problems related to digestion which could be aggravating the condition.
  • It’s a good idea to include lemon juice in your diet as it is known for its antibacterial qualities. Drinking a solution of lemon juice diluted in warm water on an empty stomach will further help to prevent digestive problems that could be one of the causes of bad breath.
  • You should also refrain from foods such as garlic and onion that are known to cause bad breath.
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