what's the best home remedy for a vomiting toddler?

(February 18, 2010)

Vomiting refers to the removal of food from the stomach by spasms that cause it to be ejected. In most cases, vomiting is accompanied by cramping of the stomach from the violent action that has just passed, and by diarrhea or an upset stomach. Vomiting and diarrhea in a toddler, is usually caused by an infection of the stomach or the digestive tract.

In an attempt to clear the body of any bacteria that is causing the damage, it is advisable that you give your toddler plenty of water to drink. This not only helps to flush out the system of the bacterial infection, but also prevents the possibility of dehydration that may come about due to the loss of fluids from the body.

Easing your baby’s discomfort is a very necessary part of helping him or her overcome the illness. Being around for moral support can prove more beneficial than most parents think. However, when carrying your toddler around, be a little careful not to jostle him or her, because doing so may increase the intensity of the vomiting, making things more difficult. Putting your baby across your shoulder and trying to burp him or her may cause further discomfort and vomiting. Wait for a while till the spasms stop and after your baby’s body has relaxed, you may begin with trying to burp him or her.

Another common error that most parents tend to make is to continue feeding the child after he or she has just had a bout of vomiting. Common belief is that there will be nothing in the baby’s stomach if all the food just eaten has been brought up. Putting more food into your baby’s stomach will only put more of a strain on the affected digestive system, leading to further complications.

Allowing your toddlers digestive system to relax, by feeding him or her bland foods without any oil, will help to ease the condition. Fruits contain several nutrients that help to immunize the body against minor illnesses. Besides this, they also provide the body with the required fiber to help clean out the system. In the event that your toddler continues to vomit all that is being consumed, it is advisable that you speak with your pediatrician without further delay. There are a number of pediatric medications that are available in medical stores, but it is always advisable that you solicit the advice of your child specialist before giving your baby any medication.

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