Why is My Toddler Vomiting?

(November 11, 2010)

Toddler vomiting problems can be quite unpleasant, not just for the baby, but also for the parents, who find it traumatizing, to see their children in distress. Several childcare specialists and pediatricians claim that they get calls from parents asking “why is my toddler vomiting?” at all hours of they day. However, all parents who see their toddler vomiting over and over have the right to be concerned. At times, vomiting in toddlers could be caused by a simple reason, like the flu; however, there have been occasions where toddler vomiting instances have actually been the symptom to a serious underlying condition.

Toddler Vomiting Causes

There could be several factors that can cause your toddler to throw up. In order to control the bouts of vomiting in your child and to keep them comfortable, it is important to know what is causing your child to bring up repeatedly. Some of the most common toddler vomiting causes may include teething, acid reflux, an upset stomach or indigestion, colds, fever and excessive crying or coughing. The other, more serious reasons why toddlers may vomit frequently are respiratory infections, bacterial or viral infections, consumption of any toxic substances, pneumonia, appendicitis, meningitis and in some rare cases, Reye’s syndrome too.

Toddler Vomiting Treatment

Toddler vomiting treatment options generally differ from the treatment that is usually given to older children as well as adults. The key to controlling vomiting in a toddler is keeping calm and cool. If your toddler is not generally in the habit of bringing up regularly, it is important to notify your doctor about the toddler vomiting instance. Check your child’s temperature before your call your doctor and you may also need to describe any other unusual symptoms that you see in your child. One of the main risks of a toddler vomiting repeatedly is dehydration. The younger the children are, the sooner they can get dehydrated. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your child drinks a lot of water or other liquids, such as fruit juice or even ginger ale.

Even though there are several over the counter medicines available, that can treat vomiting in toddlers, you should not give your child any, before consulting a doctor. Different children may require different doses and therefore, it is important to check with the doctor, about the dosage amount that is recommended for your child. Medicating the child more than what is suggested could lead to severe problems and therefore should be avoided. If the vomiting does not cease after a few doses of the medication, the doctor may need to examine the toddler carefully.

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