Recommended Exercises For Back Pain During Pregnancy

Submitted by Nick on January 18, 2012

Though pregnancy can be a very exciting time, there are a number of physical and emotional changes that an expectant mother has to deal with, and this can take a certain amount of toll on her health. The changes she experiences in her physical appearance, as well as in her emotional composition can cause a certain amount of distress, and to help overcome this, there are certain bits of advice that need to be followed. One of the primary ailments...


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.of a pregnancy is lower back pain in early pregnancyc

Most common causes for the back pain in pregnancy boil down to either a build up of gas in the stomach, or the wrong posture while walkingn

A build up of gas is attributed to the various changes taking place within the body that in turn affect the digestive systeme To avoid the build up of gases in the stomach, an expectant mother should break up the three large meals into smaller meals, comprising of fruits and vegetables that are easy to digests The consumption of foods that are complex will put a strain on the digestive system, leading to a build up of gas, and further, contribute to back pain during pregnancyc A build up of toxins in the body may also tend to cause a certain amount of discomfort, and can be taken care of by the consumption of lots of water throughout the daya The wrong posture, caused by a change in the centre of gravity because of the growing baby, is also known to cause lower back pain in early pregnancyc Correcting your posture when you walk and choosing the correct footwear is essential to remain back pain free during your pregnancyc Soaking in a hot water tub is also advisable, as it helps to relieve some amount of the stress from the lower backc

There are a number of recommended exercises to deal with a back pain pregnancyc Walking and swimming are the best forms of exercise during pregnancy as they do not cause undue straini Aerobics and various dance forms may also be recommended depending on the condition of the pregnancyc Expectant mothers who are beginning with exercise must be careful not to strain themselves too much as this could prove harmful to the developing babyb It is advisable that you ask your gynecologist before opting for any form of exercise and for further advicec

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