Sciatica Pregnancy Exercises For Good Posture

Pregnant women often get sciatica because of their growing belly and the baby. As a pregnancy moves from the first trimester to the second and then the third, the strain on the lower back also increases. Some of the other parts of the body that feel the strain are the legs, hips, and abdominal muscles.

Sciatica pain is like a dull ache and the dull ache continues till the baby changes position. You can get some relief from the pain by doing exercises for sciatica in pregnancy.

Sciatica Pregnancy Exercises


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Sciatica Pregnancy Exercises

It has been proved that exercises can help in the treatment of sciatica by strengthening the muscles of the hips, lower back, and abdomen.

It's these core muscles that take on the additional weight of the growing baby and there is a lot of stress on the torso. If you are able to strengthen these muscles, you'll not only get relief from sciatica, but will also be able to go through your delivery more smoothly. Even your recovery will be quicker. Flexibility and strength can help in better alignment of the spine. This way, some of the pressure from the sciatica nerve is relieved, and the expectant mother gets some relief from the pain.

Posture for Sciatica Pregnancy Exercises

Incorrect posture can aggravate sciatica in pregnancy. When your stomach grows with the baby, the spine also arches and it is difficult to stand straight. When you are unable to align your spine, it aggravates sciatica. If you work on an exercise plan, it will realign your body and improve your posture.

While you may not get total relief from the pain, your posture will improve with regular stretching exercises, and will help you cope with the last month of the pregnancy.

General Exercise During Pregnancy

Some of the pregnancy sciatica exercises include light aerobics, walking and swimming. You might want to exercise on a stationary bike, but make sure that you can sit on it comfortably. The exercise program that you design for yourself, should be aimed at strengthening the core muscles and improving your posture. Do not tire yourself out, but do 15 to 20 minutes of exercise a few times a well. Exercising will also improve the blood circulation.

Sciatica Exercise

We suggest that you work with a personal trainer or a physiotherapist to develop a program with specific exercises to bring relief to sciatica. There are several stretching and relaxing exercises meant to provide relief.

If you have unexpected and chronic back pain during pregnancy, make sure that you consult your doctor. Discuss any exercise plan with the doctor.

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