What are the Symptoms & Remedies for Complications In Early Pregnancy

Complications that arise during early pregnancy are inclusive of excess vomiting, excessive pressure on the embryonic sac from a stomach upset and in the event that the embryo settles in a location other than the uterus, leading to an early termination of the pregnancy, or what is otherwise known as a missed abortion. An ectopic pregnancy involves the settling of the embryonic sac in the ovary or the fallopian tube.

This location does not provide the sac with the requirements for good growth of the embryo and therefore causes it to burst, leading to excessive bleeding and cessation of growth of the embryo.


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Besides being fatal to the growing baby, it is life threatening to the expectant mother as well.

Symptoms of Early Pregnancy Complications

The most common symptom indicating a complication of early pregnancy is vaginal bleeding. Other than ectopic pregnancy, another common early pregnancy is pregnancy induced hypertension, wherein the pregnancy causes changes in hormonal balance further leading to instability in blood pressure of the expectant mother. Pregnancy induced hypertension is particularly dangerous to the fetus because a rise in the blood pressure of the mother has a similar effect on the blood pressure of the fetus. If the symptoms are left unaddressed, they could lead to more serious complications. Certain internal systems need specific amounts of blood and any excess or shortage of supply of blood to these organs causes them to malfunction and leads to a termination of the pregnancy and sometimes can be fatal to the expectant mother.

Remedies for Early Pregnancy Complications

A woman who is carrying a child should undertake a certain amount of exercise, which is good for the health of her unborn child.

However, overexertion is not recommended and it is also advisable that the expectant mother not be allowed to carry any heavy weights or exert her body in any way, so as to avoid putting any pressure on the embryonic sac, thus ensuring the good health of her child. The most common recommendation made to avoid aggravating complications in early pregnancy is complete bed rest to be taken by the expectant mother. Bed rest allows the fetus to grow steadily and healthily, without any threat of exertion. The consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables is recommended so that the growing baby is given the right nutrition. Fresh fruits and vegetables also provide the necessary vitamins to boost the immune system and keep your body free from any minor illnesses.

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day helps to flush out toxins from the body and gives you a feeling of well being.

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