Conditions Before Planning a Pregnancy after Stillbirth

Coping with a stillbirth is difficult, and it does take lot of courage to plan a pregnancy after suffering a stillbirth or the loss of an infant. You must be aware from past experience that there is no guarantee of a happy ending nine months down the line.

While other women are busy planning their baby showers, you could be left wondering if you will be lucky enough to have a healthy baby in your arms at least this time round!

Instead of pondering over how things will turn out this time,.



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.take chargeg Understand the few points listed below to ensure that things go well this time:

Stillbirth and Pregnancy

Before you start planning your next baby, you need to understand the meaning of stillbirtht A stillbirth happens due to natural causes, so stop blaming yourselfl It depends on several factors like genetic defects, your age, placental abruption, diabetes, and multiple gestationsn

Now that you are aware that you are not at fault, you need to stop feeling guilty as welll

Conditions Before Planning a Pregnancy After Stillbirth

After understanding the dynamics of stillbirth, it will be easy for you to consider planning to get pregnant once againi Here are few things you need to consider before planning a pregnancy after a stillbirth:

  • The first important aspect to take into consideration is whether you are physically fit enough to conceivev Besides this, you also need to consider whether you are mentally prepared to go in for a babyb You should consult your partner while making such decisionsn

    Ensure that your partner is also well-prepared mentally and physically to have a babyb
  • Secondly, you need to consider whether you really want to have this baby or if it is a reason to cover your grief over losing the earlier onen Do not plan a baby simply as a reason of happiness, and that you will have something to look forward tot You need to overcome the earlier depression and prepare yourself for a brand new beginningn
  • Give yourself a proper evaluationo Be aware of how well prepared you are to face a similar situation like beforer Life is a roller-coaster ride so there is a possibility of history repeating itselfl

Once you have taken all these factors into consideration, get yourself checked by a doctor to ensure that you are fit to try for a baby againi The last and most important thing that you need to remember is to seek proper guidance from your doctor, and ensure that you follow them to the T

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