How to Appeal for Maternity Leave

Submitted by Jenifer on April 24, 2013

A pregnancy is one of the most significant events in the life of a woman. However, the ninth month is extremely painful for a woman. There are a number of changes that take place inside her body at this time. Not only do her physical proportions change significantly to allow the growth of the unborn child, the chemical and hormonal balances affect her mentally as well. One aspect of becoming a mother that is not discussed and taken as seriously as it should be is the subject of maternity leave.


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Before getting into the details of how to request for maternity leave, it is important to first understand the question of 'what is maternity leave and why is it important'. First and foremost, maternity leave is essentially a leave of absence from your workplace in order to allow the body the amount of rest that it requires to physically as well as mentally and emotionally cope with the process of having a baby.

There is a lot of planning and preparing that needs to be done before the birth of your child.

Some women make the mistake of planning their maternity leave from the day of the event, but the closer you get to the date of delivery, the more you realize that the ninth month of your pregnancy can cause some severe restrictions to your ease of movement as well as concentrate on the tasks at hand.

The question of how to request maternity leave could be as simple as just walking up to your immediate supervisor and asking him or her the process that is required to apply for the leave. Of course, most companies and organizations stress on the fact that they do not provide maternity leave as an option in the first year of an employee's tenure. Maternity leave needs to be well planned in order for it to be effective and you can find a number of samples of formats for maternity leave letters as well as when to apply for maternity leave through the many sources at your disposal such as the internet.

When drafting your maternity leave letter, make it a point to also mention and draw attention to the various projects that you are currently a part of or currently heading and inform your supervisor about the jobs that will need to be handed over to someone else for completion since their deadlines are after you commence your maternity leave. Obviously, you will start with informing the supervisor or concerned party that you are either pregnant or planning a family and mentioning the dates covering the planned leave of absence. Also, given that pregnancies have a way of following their own timelines, end with the possibility of you needing to revise the dates suggested as a result of the status of your health at the time. You should end the letter by thanking the concerned party for considering your letter requesting for the leave and providing any contact numbers you feel they might need when you are on leave.

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