How long should I wait to TTC after 2 miscarriages?

(March 2, 2010)

After a woman has had a miscarriage, settling on the decision to attempt another pregnancy can be very difficult. It is normally recommended that the woman not get pregnant till she is emotionally and physically able to cope and get ready for the next pregnancy. There is no specific waiting period as each pregnancy is unique. The woman will require frequent check-ups and tests to determine the best time to conceive. In most cases, doctors recommend that the waiting period is not less than 6 months. If a woman gets pregnant too soon after a miscarriage both she and her baby are at a much higher risk. The body, especially the uterus requires quite a few months to recover completely and so if a woman conceives very soon after a miscarriage she is at a much higher risk of a subsequent miscarriage.  Medically, it is deemed safe to try conceiving after two or even three normal menstrual periods.  Some doctors recommend that the couple should ideally wait for at least eight months to approximately a year before they attempt to have a baby. This also gives them time to come to terms with the loss they have suffered. In some cases, especially if the woman is older, the doctor may feel that waiting for a year would severely diminish her chances of becoming pregnant. In such a case, the doctor may recommend that the waiting period be reduced but adequate precautions would be necessary to prevent a second miscarriage.

Many couples who have suffered a miscarriage tend to worry that it may happen again. However studies have shown that most women who had a miscarriage can have a successful pregnancy the next time they get pregnant.  Women who are over the age of 35 or who have had two or three miscarriages before or have fertility issues are advised to consult a specialist the next time they are getting pregnant. They should request close monitoring during the successive pregnancy. For those who are struggling or undergoing some kind of depression can try contacting some support groups or some counselors who can give the support and advice the woman needs to get ready for the next pregnancy. When a miscarriage occurs it can be a devastating experience that can leave the parents feeling depressed and health, make sure they are getting adequate exercise. They should eat a diet that is healthy and nutritious and avoid consuming alcohol or smoking or taking drugs. Folic acid supplements should be added to their diets. Obese women need to get their weight down within the limits recommended as those mothers who are over weight are at a higher risk of miscarrying. Stress should also be eliminated.

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