What are the chances of having two miscarriages?

(February 8, 2010)

The loss of an unborn child is a traumatic experience for soon to be parents. Even though the child has not been born yet, it is still considered a part of the family and all plans that have been made by the parents from the time of conception revolve around the baby that is to bring unbounded happiness into their lives. Loss of a pregnancy, though unfortunate, can occur at any time during the pregnancy, for a number of reasons. However, the termination of a pregnancy before twenty weeks is known as a miscarriage. A miscarriage that occurs after having completed twenty weeks of gestation is called a preterm delivery or a premature birth. One of the most common causes of a miscarriage is the occurrence of genetic disorders, due to chromosome imbalance or altered structure of genes within the chromosome, that take place at birth. These genetic disorders do not allow the baby’s body to grow normally and will cause complications in a pregnancy.

After having experienced a miscarriage once, there are increased chances that a woman will experience a miscarriage again, if she is not careful with her health during any of the three trimesters. Eating the correct foods and drinking enough fluids throughout the day will keep your body healthy, nourished and strong to provide your baby with the care that is required to see the pregnancy through. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables will provide your body with vitamins and other nutrients that are required to repair worn out tissues. Besides this, they also help to boost the immune system and keep you safe from minor illnesses that could cause serious complications. Complications in a pregnancy most commonly manifest in the occurrence of vaginal bleeding. Being indicative of a complication in the pregnancy, and termed as ‘threatened abortion’, a doctor’s advice should be solicited without any wastage of time. Most often, a doctor will ask for an ultrasound scan to be completed from which the damage to the baby can be assessed.

Following the ultrasound, the doctor will advise medication required to fortify the baby, and proper rest to be taken so that the baby is not put at risk. Bed rest allows the mother to give her body, as well as the baby inside the rest that is required for healthy growth. The grief and pain that comes along with a miscarriage is a burden that is rather heavy to bear, but the good news is that many couples do not experience another miscarriage after having gone through one.

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