What are the Chances and Risks of Miscarriage in the 14th Week of Pregnancy?

Submitted by Nic on August 14, 2012

Miscarriage is the natural termination of pregnancy. It usually occurs before week 20 of pregnancy. Many women go through miscarriage. However if miscarriage takes places very early in pregnancy, the woman might not even be aware that she was pregnant and that she lost her baby. Miscarriage is the body's natural mechanism of ending the pregnancy in case of abnormal development of the fetus. Although, miscarriages are quite common, they can cause a lot of emotional trauma to the mother to be and also to her partner.


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Coping with miscarriages can be difficult to deal with. Miscarriage at 14 weeks pregnant is a miscarriage that has taken place in the very beginning of the second trimester. Miscarriages in the first trimester are more common than second trimester miscarriages.

A cause for a miscarriage at 14 weeks may be found out. Causes of miscarriage at this stage may include chromosomal abnormalities, incompetent cervix, infections, placenta complications, and injury to the abdominal area, birth defects in the baby to be born and thrombophilia disorders.

Chances of miscarriage at 14 weeks pregnant are not very high. Mid-term pregnancy symptoms include profuse bleeding and severe pain in the abdominal and pelvis regions. At 14 weeks pregnant, a few women experience what is called a missed miscarriage. In a missed miscarriage, the fetus is no longer living, but continues to remain in the mother's womb. Common symptoms like bleeding and pain are also not experienced. The doctor is able to diagnose a missed miscarriage at this point because the uterus stops enlarging contrary to a pregnancy that is progressing normally, wherein the uterus keeps growing to accommodate the growing baby.

What are the risks of miscarriage at 14 weeks pregnant? The health of a mother and the future baby she is nurturing in her womb determine whether a miscarriage will occur or not. If the woman has gone through the first trimester successfully, she can breathe a sigh of relief as miscarriages after 14 weeks of pregnancy seldom take place. However, factors like increased age of the mother, unhealthy lifestyle and dietary habits, a history of miscarriages, chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity and complications with the uterus and cervix put the woman at a higher risk for miscarriage at 14 weeks.

Not much can be done to prevent a miscarriage. Following a healthy lifestyle, caring for one's well-being and subsequently, the well being of the baby to be born is fundamental.

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