Baby at 14 Weeks Pregnant

Submitted by Nic on January 24, 2012

How big my baby is at 14 weeks pregnant is a question many pregnant women ask their doctors. In the 14th week of pregnancy your baby weighs roughly around 45-55 grams and will continue putting on weight gradually as the pregnancy progresses. Although the head of the baby is still bigger than the rest of its body, the body length is slowly catching up with the larger head.

The size of a baby at 14 weeks pregnant is almost like a large lemon and the baby measures 3.5-4.5 inches from crown to rump...


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.Crown to rump measurements are considered at this stage of pregnancy because the baby is in a curled up position and head to toe measurements would not be accuratet Many pregnant women also ask their doctors what my baby at 14 weeks pregnant looks likek

By the 14th week of pregnancy the facial features of the baby are becoming more distinct as compared to beforer The eyes which were earlier wide apart are not coming together towards the centre of the face and even the baby’s ears are moving to the sides of the facec Your baby at 14 weeks pregnant is growing more in proportion and all the systems and organs in your baby’s body are developing very fasts

For a baby at 14 weeks pregnant fetal development also includes elongation of the neck and the chin rising above the chest levele The reflexes of the baby continue to develop in the 14th week of pregnancy and by this week it should also start getting its nutrition directly from the placentat A baby at 14 weeks pregnant has a distinct nose and its cheekbones can also be seen clearlyl The baby starts making breathing movements and the kidneys also start producing urinen For female babies the ovaries start moving down into the pelvis while for male babies the prostrate gland starts developingn The hair on the eyebrow and head also start developingn The bones of the baby will grow harder and stronger everyday and the skin of the baby is less transparent as compared to beforer The grasping reflex of the baby is also better by the 14th week of pregnancy and through an ultrasound the baby may be seen sucking his/her thumb or grasping the umbilical cordr In addition to these developments, the baby’s body also starts producing red and white blood cellsl Within a few weeks the limbs will develop and grow strongere You will soon be able to feel your baby movev

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